The AllyCAD Toolkits

The AllyCAD specialised toolkits have been designed to speed up essential but time-consuming tasks relevant to the various CAD disciplines.

General Toolkit Features

The General Toolkit contains innovative functionality specifically designed to speed up your design time. The Toolkit includes file conversion; easy division of lines and angles; prompt importing of Excel data and one-click hiding of drawing layers.
  • Print multiple drawings and easily edit your batch print list
  • Convert multiple files between DRG, DWG, DXF and CEX formats
  • Read Excel spreadsheets and insert the data directly into your drawing
  • Insert the date and the visible layer information on the plot
  • Quickly divide lines and angles into a specified number of segments
  • Instantly calculate total line length (eg cables /pipes on a layer)
  • Hide or set a layer by clicking on any entity in the layer
  • Easily convert all line types and pens to normal line and pen numbers
  • Write any text onto any arc with a specified text height and pen
  • Quickly draw a revision cloud to focus attention on design areas
  • Easily draw centrelines, chamfered rectangles and filleted rectangles

Architectural Toolkit Features

The Architectural Toolkit speeds up many of the activities that are used to draw building plans. You can draw the external and internal walls of a building easily and joins between walls are automatically cleaned up as you draw. Add the roof plan by simply indicating the outside walls and specifying the overhang. Insert door, window and fitting symbols and generate elevations and sections quickly.
  • Set, edit, load and save building standard files
  • Easy draughting of external and internal walls for buildings
  • Roof line insertion for drawing roof elevation and cross sections
  • Fully customizable symbol library in easy referenced structure
  • Easy editing, saving and reloading of internal/external wall types
  • Draw horizontal & vertical cross sections from existing plan view
  • Easy adding of plan and elevations of staircase to drawings

Structural Toolkit Features

The Structural Toolkit speeds up the drawing of building grids and structural steel sections.

The Toolkit draws hot and cold rolled steel sections easily and rapidly lays out building grids with centre lines and grid labelling as well as column bases.
  • Provides building grids with centre lines and column bases
  • Fully configurable grid dimensions and labels with bubbles
  • Ensures quick adding of column bases to grids
  • Allows rapid drawing of hot rolled steel sections
  • Includes I and H sections, Channels, Angles and plate girders
  • Allows rapid drawing of cold rolled steel sections
  • Includes angles, channels, lipped zeds and top hats

Mechanical Toolkit Features

The Mechanical Toolkit speeds up the drawing of common mechanical components (such as bolts, nuts and screws), and provides functions for annotating welds, tolerances and surface finishes. It also provides functions for generating tables of coordinate, part, and general information.
  • Fully customizable mechanical toolkit default settings
  • Extensive list of fasteners with automatic linear or polar repeat
  • Through or blind drill/tap holes in plan, elevation or section
  • Easy drawing of shafts, links, flanges and spur gears
  • Annotate welds, tolerances and surface finishes
  • Generate tables of coordinate, part and general information
  • Draw rectangular to round ducting with development view

Survey Toolkit Features

The Survey Toolkit allows easy generation of Survey General diagrams, General Plans and Sectional Plans. Survey points can be imported, exported, added, located and connected. Generate cadastral diagrams and general plans in a 'ready to lodge' state. Use an existing layout plan and convert it to a General Plan or generate diagrams of individual erven.
  • Generate 'ready to lodge' SG diagrams and General Plans
  • Automatically creates tabled and annotated SG diagrams
  • Automatically scans and dimensions General Plans
  • Create outside figure and reference mark tables
  • Generates Sectional Title Plans
  • Create block and floor Participation Quota (PQ) Schedules
  • User specified splay wizard with off shoots

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