Survey Toolkit

The Survey Toolkit allows easy generation of Survey General diagrams, General Plans and Sectional Plans. The Toolkit is categorized into these 3 broad parts.

The Survey Toolkit allows easy generation of Survey General diagrams, General Plans and Sectional Plans. Survey points can be imported, exported, added, located and connected. Generate cadastral diagrams and general plans in a 'ready to lodge' state. Use an existing layout plan and convert it to a General Plan or generate diagrams of individual erven.

The Survey toolkit is categorized into three broad parts. Firstly, it consists of a few simple functions that offer assistance in drafting survey plans, secondly, it provides some basic point manipulation functions and thirdly, it offers a suite of functions specifically intended for Land Surveyors and town planners.

The suite of functions specific to Land Surveyors, assist in preparing cadastral diagrams and general plans for Surveyor General submission.

General (Drafting Tools)

The drafting tools include useful additional routines for simplifying common tasks when preparing or working with survey drawing grid crosses, north signs and adding street numbers to an erf layout.
  • Drawing grid crosses, north signs.
  • Surrounding data is automatically included and is clipped by a variable-size rectangle or polygon
  • Insert street names or surrounding erf numbers either horizontally or parallel to, and at a specified offset from a boundary line

point manipulation

Point Manipulation Tools

The point manipulation functions allow you to import and export a range of numerically named points, drawing dimensioned lines between them and calculating new points in a survey tache or traverse way.

Surveyor General (SG) Diagrams

For diagrams, starting with a layout plan you trace the outside figure of the erf or farm and then the toolkit generates the correctly tabled and annotated diagram.
  • Draw a subdivision-type diagram with outside figure and surrounding data, office columns, consistency data, beacon descriptions and erf designation / situation clauses
  • Add one or two separately headed notes sections for example servitude information and other additional notes

General Plans

For general plans the existing layout drawing can be fully dimensioned, and all required tables generated.
  • Define the layout and text in an easy-to-use setup dialog box
  • User configurable fonts, pens and linestyles
  • Maintain a database of trigonometrical beacons and town survey marks with user-defined symbols
  • Specify various separators for the decimal point, bearings and thousands position
  • Round bearings to 10 secs

In terms of Dimensioning, all polygons that have been given an identifying (erf) number can be automatically dimensioned. This means that the entire GP can be dimensioned in one go. The dimensioning algorithm is intelligent enough to place the dimension on the correct side of the line or alternatively, to straddle the line as applicable. Road reserves are kept free of dimensions. This routine is continually being refined and works really well.

Tables for the outside figure data, block corner, reference mark, control coordinate tables, and the erf areas listing, are all drawn as part of the toolkit.
  • Draw a GP with tables for the outside figure, erf area, block corner, reference mark and national control coordinates
  • Draw and dimension the erven with bearing and/or distance or both
  • Add erf numbers and/or areas
  • Generate an erf area table
  • Insert block corners and reference marks
  • Generate the coordinate column

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