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Gqunube Eco Valley Golf Resort

Kwezi V3,
Eastern Cape

The small beginnings of Yvette Rundle began at a tiny drawing office in the Post Office (now Telkom) where she worked for nineteen years before retrenchments forced her to explore other avenues. When this long chapter closed, a new more exciting chapter began at the design office of Kwezi V3 Engineers, allowing her to expand her creativity like never before.

One of the creative challenges that Yvette is currently working on, includes a proposed Golf Estate in the East London area. "I am responsible for producing all the drawings relating to the infrastructure for this development."

Finding the best routes for the services, within and around the golf estate, required constant design tweaking, an exercise that would test the patience level of any CAD operator. "Sometimes I would get the whole drawing just perfect and then it would change again in order to accommodate new alterations to the layout. This meant that a drawing could change several times in order to conform to the requirements. Fortunately AllyCAD can handle the number of changes, otherwise it would have been a nightmare," explains Yvette.

Another challenge was the magnitude of the proposed development. "An eighteen hole golf course is huge and we had to design the infrastructure in the most cost effective manner. I worked closely with the project engineers and used the layout information, which was supplied in hard copy to draw the initial proposals."

"The engineer's rough sketches were then plotted in AllyCAD and referencing was used to enter the co-ordinates. What I love about the program is that you can take a drawing off the bitmap and then scale it to a manageable size.
  I find that AllyCAD is tops when it comes to bitmap handling and I have to commend Brett from the Support Centre on excellent support time after time, he is simply the best," says Yvette as she gives the thumbs up.

When describing a typical working day, Yvette is extremely modest and sees herself as occupying a "behind the scenes" role. "The engineers deal with all the external players, from environmental assessment officials to a range of clients while I liaise with internal staff only. Sometimes I receive only the layout from the engineer and then I have to reference it onto an image. This is when I play with colours so that it is easy to identify the erven or pipe works on the drawing. It's all about presentation because the quality and visual appeal of a drawing will create impact and hopefully have a lasting impression on the client," she says.

Yvette prides herself on producing drawings that are uniquely different to the next. She uses her creativity and eye for detail to the full extreme at Kwezi V3 Engineers and feels privileged to work for such an amazing company. "What I like most about my job, is that I am part of a team of professionals that delivers good work. There is nothing that I don't like about my job and the people here are all terrific. They appreciate what you do and we all work together as a team to get the job done. I am so happy to be onboard," she says. This "behind the scenes CAD operator" delivers her winning touch on all the designs she produces and it is clear that she is definitely going places.

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