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Prime Function Design Services
Nigel Mills, Prime Function Design Services, UK

"Having been a very longstanding client of AllyCAD, I can heartily recommend this software for its speed-of-use and the fact that it is simply so intuitive. I particularly like the simplicity of creation from initial geometry. As model makers we find the software invaluable for specifying photo-etching and laser cutting layouts and also producing in-house scaled patterns for our pantograph engraving machine."

Prime Function is a small but successful team of product designers and model makers established as far back as 1981. A mark of their early success was that they were one of the few consultancies which created a product that was awarded the 'British Plastics Federation's prestigious Horner Award.' Although the original nucleus of the business was product design, their particular expertise in the area of creative problem solving also resulted in work in related fields such as exhibition and point-of-sale.

Some examples of Prime Function's projects completed with AllyCAD can be viewed below:

Scale exhibition models of plant and machinery is a large part of Prime Function's work.

Scale exhibition models
Appearance models are developed to assist with new product presentations.

Appearance models

Precision component models and/or prototypes are created to simulate a complete and accurate assembly of injection mouldings and other related parts.

Precision component models

Architectural models can also be created and forms an important side of their business.

Architectural models

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