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"All of the general arrangement drawings and component details were produced using AllyCAD software. We have been using AllyCAD since the early 1990's and find its speed and ease of use a huge benefit to our drawing office. We intend to continue using AllyCAD as its perpetual evolution means it's always up to date with the latest technology and simply because it gets better with each release."

Plean Precast Limited, based near Stirling in Central Scotland UK have been supplying the UK building industry with precast stone and concrete for over 40 years. They operate from a ten acre site with over 40,0000 sq ft of covered casting area along with their CAD design, laboratory testing, R&D and mould making facilities that enable them to produce both architectural and structural products.


Hanover Lodge, Regents Park, London
The ornately decorative nature of the project, including fluted entasised column shafts together with classically enriched capitals, entablature and pediment, demanded a high level of precision, both in accurate detailing and flawless production.

Hanover Lodge
Hanover Lodge

The Veneto Villa
Plean Precast were involved with the original supply of Cast Stone for the Veneto Villa back in 1989/1990. They were then asked to supply material for two wing extensions with the remit that the stone must replicate the original details as well as being aesthetically compatible with the fifteen year old stone.

Vento Villa

Corinthian Villa, Outer Circle,
Regents Park, London

The Corithian Villa in Regents Park is one of the most striking and distinctive private dwellings in London. The main features of the building include it's Serpentine Pediment and Corithian Capitals.

Corinthian Villa

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