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Fairlands Project

Africon, Johannesberg


The construction of new corporate head offices for the Wesbank and First National Bank Home Loans division in Fairlands, Johannesburg saw the appointment of Africon in a joint venture with Iliso Consulting.

Africon were responsible for the structural, civil, fire, geotechnical and facade aspects of the project in addition to the wet and engineering services, whilst Iliso managed the access roads and affiliated amenities.

According to Michelle Marijnen, Civil Engineer at Africon appointed to the Fairlands project, working at one of the larger civil consulting companies has allowed her to draw on the resources and expertise located throughout the company's branches.

Top tutorials & High Performing Software
Says Marijnen: "I believe that we have some of the best designers working at Africon Engineering International and they are very proficient in the use of AllyCAD and Civil Designer, making work here a real pleasure."

"We do a lot of CAD work and make good use of Civil Designer. I am currently doing the geometric layout for the bulk earthworks as well as the platform designs for all the parking areas.

What makes this project particularly challenging, is that the structure is being built while the design is under way, which means that output has to happen almost immediately within really tight deadlines."

Michelle draws on as many avenues of support as she can and enjoys the weekly newsletters from Knowledge Base with all the Tech Tips.

"I must admit that I find a lot of value in the newsletters because it keeps me informed. I also print out the Tech Tip tutorials because it contains a lot of useful information on how to use the program more efficiently for faster output."

Inspired by design
Marijnen's interest in Civil Engineering was sparked by a graphic design course in matric: "I found myself enjoying the creative side of design and followed a qualification in civil engineering because the discipline offers endless possibilities," she explains.

She then dreamt of working for a company that would invest in her professional development and training, and Africon proved to be the right fit for her aspirations.

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