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Upgrading Lesotho Roads

Motsi Mohlabana,
Lesotho Ministry of Works

Motsi is the Chief Technical Officer at the Roads Department of the Lesotho Ministry of Works. He has held this vital position for 7 years and enjoys the combination of civil engineering and design. His interest in the discipline stems from a close family relative who was passionate about civil engineering and who had a strong influence on Motsi's choice of career.

Motsi studied his diploma at the Lerotholi Polytechnic. Here he gained exposure on how to integrate civil engineering concepts into the design phase using AllyCAD. This knowledge was later applied at the Lesotho Ministry of Works where he worked in the design office.

"After working in the Roads department for two years, I was fortunate enough to be nominated to study my National Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering in West London. Here I also received training and was involved in the supervision and maintenance of various design projects after I graduated," explains Motsi. He then returned to the Roads department of the Lesotho Ministry of Works three years later to put into practice what he had learnt.

According to Motsi, the role of the Chief Technical Officer is varied. "The Roads department has many in-house projects that are managed internally. These road projects are fairly straightforward and are usually smaller than 20km in length. Larger scale projects are outsourced to consulting engineers but are strictly supervised by us," explains Motsi.

One of the projects recently completed was the 9.5 km A24 road situated in the southern part of Lesotho. "We were involved on this project from the very beginning and commenced with the survey. We got involved with everything from surveying and geometric design, to drainage and sanitation issues. During the project, we made good use of AllyCAD's Civil Toolkit and applied the program's extensive drawing functionality in all our designs. We also enjoyed working with Civil Designer as we were able to input all the data into the program for fast output," says Motsi.
  The project required the upgrade of the existing gravel road to a bitumen standard and included horizontal and vertical realignment. "Although the terrain was fairly straightforward, there were design challenges that made the project interesting. We found that we could not walk through certain areas because a few residential homes crossed the route. This involved compensation and re-location issues which we had to investigate at great length. The project started in November 2006 and was successfully completed in April 2007."

Another project which has successfully concluded, was the 500km Maluti access road to the north of Lesotho. The road provided the main access route to Maluti Hospital. According to Motsi, the completion of the project has made a huge difference to the people of Maluti and has ensured smooth flowing traffic ever since.

Being routed to the same company ever since he graduated obviously has an allure which transcends the job. "What I like about my job the most is being able to provide cost effective solutions to the road rehabilitation, realignment and upgrading projects in the area. But it goes beyond that, it is being able to make a difference to the people of Lesotho that I value the most. This in itself is rewarding," says Motsi confidently.

image Motsi Mohlabana Motsi Mohlabana is the Chief Technical Officer at the Roads Department of the Lesotho Ministry of Works. He enjoys a varied post but confesses that his long term goal is to open up his own civil engineering consulting practice and become more involved in larger projects. He is married to his wife Patricia and they have two daughters. In his leisure, Motsi enjoys watching football, wrestling and soccer.

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