AllyCAD Showcase

Okavango River Bridge

Bing Walker & Associates, Cape Town

OKAVANGO BRIDGE TRANSFORMATION: a multi-disciplinary model

AllyCAD is the software programme of choice for Bing Walker, owner of engineering, architectural and structural consulting firm, Bing Walker & Associates. According to Walker it is as much the ease of using the software, as the simplicity of learning it, which makes it an attractive programme.

"I basically taught myself how to use the software and was able to produce high-level designs in no time. Although I design a large amount of architectural and structural plans I have also been able to put the software to good use when planning civil infrastructure," he explains. Okavango River Bridge Upgrade

A case in point is the application of AllyCAD in the Okavango River Bridge project in Botswana. First contracted to work on the Trans Caprivi Highway in 1975, Bing was subsequently involved in the upgrade of the bridge to allow for increased capacity.

"I was happy to be involved in this project as it resulted in the establishment of the first incremental launch bridge, completely unique to Africa. It was therefore a good surprise after working on the construction of the original bridge in 1975 to be involved in the design of the widening of the structure to accommodate a two-lane traffic flow for vehicles in 2008."

Walker's engineering qualification has helped pave the way for a broad range of multi-disciplinary projects that has called on his multi-faceted expertise. He attributes this versatility to his formative training.


"When I studied civil engineering at UCT, the qualification covered a broad spectrum which ranged across the architectural, structural and mechanical engineering disciplines. The interrelatedness of the course also allowed us to appreciate the architecture of building systems within the overall building design."

Another noteworthy project for Walker was the design and construction of his Llandudno property in 1960. Inspired by the bridge model, the five-storey home showcased his talent for precision and quest for perfection and was widely regarded as a structural masterpiece.

Its original structure was however damaged in an electrical fire but Walker turned this setback to his advantage with its renovation and remodelling.

"The re-design and construction of the house allowed me to increase the living space to accommodate my entire family when they come for a visit. I now have a suite for myself and my wife, a suite for my daughter and her husband, one for my son, a level for all the kids and a sun filled office on the top floor."

Bing has been able to diversify his skill set and consults on a regular basis for projects within the built environment and intends to carry on for the foreseeable future.

"For the next 10 years I don't plan to slow down at all. I've always liked what I do and over the years it has also become a hobby; so why spoil the fun? If your input is precise, you can be assured of an aesthetically pleasing result time and time again."

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