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DLV Consulting Engineers, Western Cape

Annas Brandt retired in 2002 from DLV Western Cape Consulting and spent about three months having leisurely breakfasts and playing golf before realising that he would much rather prefer to have his boots on. "Work is good for the soul, it gives you a reason to get up in the morning especially when you are a civil engineer," says Annas.

The long history of DLV Consulting Engineers began in 1965 when the company was just a one-man show. "Back then we specialised only in civil and structural engineering but today the DLV Group of companies also offer services in electrical and mechanical engineering. Although I'm officially retired, I am kept quite busy wrapping up existing projects and assisting other consultants on a contractual basis. There is never a dull moment when you are a civil engineer because you work on projects from the ground up," explains Annas.

With forty years in the business Annas has had the privilege of being part of some exciting historical developments in the industry. One of these memorable moments includes being part of the structural design team for the new Pretoria Academic Hospital. "This assignment took a long time and is to date one of my flagship projects. We were four structural engineering companies that tackled the design. I handled all the preliminary design work on the venture and did a lot of fine tuning for the designs. Another well known development that I've worked on was the Harbour's Edge Hotel in Gordons Bay."

"All our designs are detailed with the help of AllyCAD. I've been using the software since 1988 and enjoy the software because it is quick and simple to use and the transition from the drawing board to CAD was not difficult at all in AllyCAD. I would definitely recommend it," says Annas.
  Annas started his career as a draftsman and views the creation of designs in the same way as he would a piece of art. "When an architect designs a building, we make sure that it remains standing. In our job we do a lot of calculations, its all about mathematics. Take a simple column for example, we have to calculate the size and then the reinforcement for the column so that it can hold the building's weight."

"One of the projects that required extensive calculation was the R100 million Pansy Cove development in Mossel Bay. This upmarket development consists of six blocks of seven floors each. We are currently completing the final phase of construction.

I am also working on an interesting project in Saudi Arabia which entails designs for a palace. Our job is to supply the shop drawings for the thatched roof construction," says Annas, adding that this was his first 'royal' building.

According to Annas, the last forty years have represented the most exciting times in his life. When asked what he does to relax outside of work, he jokingly replies that he likes to work outside of work. "In the next phase of my life, I would like to start a youth programme at a prison where I nurture young offenders in AllyCAD. In this way I hope to give something back to the community and the building industry," says Annas, his passion and commitment to the industry clearly unwavering.

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