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When we envisioned creating AllyCAD, we wanted to give the world a better CAD. One that was a user-friendly experience as well as being capable of any requirement or challenge.

AllyCAD - Works like you do
When we envisioned creating AllyCAD, we wanted to give the world a better CAD. One that was a user-friendly experience as well as being capable of any requirement or challenge.

AllyCAD's intuitive interface has earned it the reputation as one of the most user-friendly CAD packages on the market. The software places all the draughting functionality that you need at your fingertips, allowing you to design the way you want to.

A satisfied and creatively productive customer is our greatest cause for contentment here at Knowledge Base. For this reason AllyCAD is a user-orientated tool which will assist you with your design process rather than hamper you with operating procedures.

The AllyCAD Advantage
AllyCAD's industrial strength, advanced functionality and feature rich toolkits make it the only choice for our clients. AllyCAD has been completely rewritten to allow for both 2D and 3D draughting and is even faster and more powerful. We have added and improved many features and functionality to give you the AllyCAD Advantage. Take a look at our Functions and Features page to get a more detailed overview.
  • 3D and lightweight polylines, blocks, Xrefs, multiline text
  • 3D functionality, meshes, faces, solid shapes & rendering
  • Extended modify functions such as stretch, mirror, cut/rub
  • Multiple parallel lines with definable styles, line-arc-line
  • Database attributes linked to entities, replace text items
  • Convert geometry into drawing entities for complex shapes
  • Powerful selection filters select entities based on attributes
  • Specialised Toolkits that greatly enhance your productivity:
  • Survey - SG diagram, general and sectional plans, COGO
  • Architectural - makes drawing houses and buildings faster
  • Mechanical - includes fasteners, shafts, gears, parts list
  • Structural - hot / cold rolled steel sections & building grid
  • Enhanced bitmap capability loads multiple large images
  • Maximum compatibility with the latest DWG/DXF formats

Powerful Robust CAD Engine
AllyCAD has the most powerful, robust and reliable CAD engine that the world can offer. An engine that is fine tuned by the intelligent code that runs through it, allowing it to handle 5-10 times more data than any comparable programme.

Our latest version is simply the strongest CAD version we have ever released and it is one of the biggest things to happen to AllyCAD since it all began 24 years ago.

With the titanium strength CAD engine, we find ourselves in the position where we can focus on supercharging AllyCAD with ever-increasing features and functionality to simplify and speed up your design tasks.

Comes with included Toolkits
An advantage of using AllyCAD, is that the software comes with specialised toolkits have been designed to speed up essential but time-consuming tasks relevant to the various CAD disciplines. The following come included with AllyCAD:

Unbeatable Support
We are renowned for having the best support in the industry. Our attitude to support is quite simple. We know that time is money, and if you have a problem then we have a problem. When you come on board we automatically give you an annual subscription.

Our dedicated Support Centre consists of technical individuals with industry qualifications whose sole responsibility is to answer support calls. With us you deal directly and donít have to liaise with a reseller who is really not interested in offering quality support. Our support service combination is unheard of in the industry and has bolstered us as the industry leader.

Part of our success is due to the fact that our programmers are also not shut off in an office, but are active in communicating with our clients, sales, training and support staff on a daily basis. From time to time they are also involved with support, liaising directly with you to get an overview of your needs.

When you become a member of the international community of AllyCAD users you are therefore buying into much more than just a powerful CAD system.

You will be signing on to the broad range of support services including a hotline to our local support centre, remote desktop support, visits to your offices, user group meetings, workshops, and regular product upgrades and updates. This is complimented by frequent Tech Tip tutorials and videos as well as specialised training to meet your requirements.

Speedy & Better Development
The Knowledge Base development team is continually improving AllyCAD in order to meet our users requirements and keep up with the latest industry developments. This close relationship we have with our users is highly prized by our existing clients and is the reason why AllyCAD is the preferred choice of professionals, consultants, local authorities, technikons and universities. This close relationship with you sets us apart from the competition and is essential in developing a CAD package with innovative functions and real benefits that impact directly on your productivity.

Knowledge Base is furthermore one of the founding members of the Open Design Alliance (ODA). The benefits of membership include sharing the costs and effort associated with software development in respect of compatibility with the DWG format as it evolves.

The ODA enables Knowledge Base to develop products faster and better and concentrate on real advantages for the end user. We can quickly and easily keep in step with DWG changes which means that we can focus our efforts on other areas such as making our software more powerful and feature rich.

Outstanding Client Retention
Knowledge Base's retention of clients (this excludes sales to new clients) has been approximately 98% for the last 5 years. Studies show that a client retention rate in excess of 95% guarantees an unrivalled level of customer satisfaction in the sector. Our extremely high retention rate puts us amongst the top global companies in the world and lets us know that we are doing things right.

Used in over 40 countries
AllyCAD is now being used in over 40 different countries and is preferred for its simplicity and versatility. It is one of the fastest and most powerful CAD packages on the market. Our client base is dramatically expanding to encompass engineers, surveyors and architects who use AllyCAD for large scale projects, as well as thousands of smaller industrial designers and hobbyists who use AllyCAD for their designs of everything from model steam engines to garden sheds and office furniture.

"I must have produced 3000 drawings and issued approximately 5000 co-ordinates in AllyCAD. The co-ordinate system is better than any other package I've worked on."
~Mandy Koorn, Structural design of Soccer City, PDNA

"I do everything in AllyCAD. It is probably our most important design tool. You can play around with it to get the different elements of the design to work together."
~Johannes Pretorius, Senior Project Analyst at South African Airways

"The software works faster than any other CAD software that I have used and the interface is so much simpler."
~Mark Chapman, High Cross Forecourt Canopies, UK

"AllyCAD operates seamlessly with all other software. A big advantage is that you can design using simple geometry lines which helps you get the design right the first time."
~Gary Benatar, Industrial Logistic Systems

"The construction drawings for the foundation were detailed in AllyCAD. We prefer this program because it is quick and easy to use. A particularly useful feature of the software is the specialised toolkits."
~Wolfgang Fischer, Fischer Seelenbinder & Associates

"The great thing about working in AllyCAD is that it saves so much time and can handle large volumes of data and images with ease."
~Le Grande Golf Estate, Deon Nel, Nel & de Kock Town & Regional Planners

"Draughting in AllyCAD was an amazing experience. It sparked an interest in technical design and led to me enrolling for a civil engineering qualification."
~Karoo Array Telescope, Elmine Grobbelaar, Aurecon

"AllyCAD's perpetual evolution means it's always up to date with the latest technology and simply gets better with each release."
~Plean Precast Limited, UK

"The program has been written to suit the engineering environment. AllyCAD has gone from strength to strength & we couldn't imagine using anything else."
~MHP Geomatics, Dave Biggert

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