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Full DWG and other Compatibility

AllyCAD allows you to work with DWG files easily and with no loss of data and includes XRefs, drawing space and layouts, multiple viewports and various line, text, dimension and table styles. AllyCAD can also read DGN, CEX, UCX, DRG and SHP files.

Image Handling Ability

AllyCAD is known for its lightning speed in handling multiple images as well as its compatibility with geo-referenced data. We currently support the JPG, BMP, SID (MrSID), ECW (ERMapper), PNG & TIF image formats among others. Easily rotate, clip, and adjust the brightness and contrast of your images with the built-in image controls and the Image Manager.

Google Earth Tools

Capture and georeference the active view from Google Earth. This image can then be imported into the correct position in a survey drawing for planning and preliminary designs. Import snap shot aerial photos and extract grid elevations of your project from Google Earth, then export project CAD lines from visible layers to Google Earth as a KML file.

Block Editor

The Block Editor allows you to edit the CAD-entities in the block definitions in your drawing. It will display the selected block in a separate drawing window. Once you have finished editing the block you may simply close the window or use the Save option.

Layer Groups & Filters

Layer Groups and Layer Property Filters make working with multiple layers more convenient, allowing you to group layers and display layer subsets in the layer grid. Filters can be used to filter which layers are displayed.

Layout Navigation

Select and display a layout from a displayed list which makes it a lot easier to find a specific layout when there are many drawing layouts.

Expand Detail Function

The 'Expand Detail' function from AllyCAD 3 has been implemented. Dimension linear scale and layer magnification values are adjusted for the expanded details.

Control Centre

The Control Centre gives you quick and easy access to view and interact with blocks, line types, text styles, layers and objects in a drawing through a central interface.

Hatch Perimeter Tracking

Hatches and solid fills are so much easier with vastly improved auto perimeter tracking including island detection and multiple perimeters.

Import shape files with Lat-Long coordinates

ArcView Shape files in geographical coordinates can be converted to survey coordinates during import. Importing also has an option to create an Access MDB file (requires the relevant ADO database driver) containing the data associated with the Shape file. The data link can be manipulated to produce labels based on the contents of the database table.

Sheetfile Editor for production drawings

Using the powerful sheetfile concept, unique to AllyCAD, you can generate production drawings with detailed title blocks, north signs, grids, scale bars and much more so that your plotting requires minimal, if any, CAD editing. The sheetfiles can be created or edited using normal CAD functions in a vastly improved Sheetfile Editor.

Visual Snaps with GrabAll snap mode

Visual snaps allow you to see where a snap will be applied as you move the cursor. The screen will be dynamically updated to indicate where the nearest snap point is and in GrabAll snap mode, it will also indicate what type of snap point is nearest.

Publish the Drawing Space / Multiple Layouts

The 'Publish Layout' function allows you to save one or more layouts to disk as separate drawings and print multiple layouts in one operation.

Supports Northern & Southern Coordinates

AllyCAD supports both Northern and Southern hemisphere survey coordinates to ensure that you maintain data integrity with astounding accuracy.

Dynamic Dimensioning

Dynamic dimension preview shows you exactly what the dimension will look like before it becomes part of the drawing. You can also have different dimension styles per drawing.

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