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Dimension Override

There are two ways to modify dimension text:
  1. Attach a suffix and prefix to the calculated dimension value
  2. Replace the dimension text with an override
Attach a suffix and a prefix to the calculated dimension value.

You can attach a suffix or prefix to the dimension value using the prefix and suffix properties specified in the properties bar or dimension style dialog. By using these properties, stretching or moving dimension nodes will update only the dimension value, and not remove the prefix and suffix from the dimension text.

To override dimension in Dimension Style, go to Settings > Dimension Style and Click on the Units tab then enter Prefix and Suffix.

To override dimension in properties, Select the dimension, go to Settings > Properties bar and Click on the Units tab then enter Prefix and Suffix.

Replace the dimension value with an override

Use the override option to change the displayed text to something else entirely. When you move the dimension nodes of a dimension entity with a text override, the text override will remain unchanged.

Option 1: Override dimension when adding dimensions.

Dimension > Linear > Horizontal, indicate the first and last point of dimension then before you indicate dimension offset, check Text Override box.

After you have indicated offset, AllyCAD prompts to Override dimension text.

Option 2. Override dimension in propeties.

Select the dimension you would like to override text, right click properties. In Properties bar override the measurement i.e. 7y10-01-200

The current rationale is that once overridden it remains overridden no matter what.


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