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Updating Printer Drivers

This Tech Tip explains how to update your printer drivers in Windows 10 64bit. Due to changes in the operating system, you have to make sure you are using the latest Windows 10 drivers for your printer. Older drivers can cause issues, especially if you are using versions of AllyCAD and Civil Designer newer than version 2015.

General Information

In this example we will be updating the drivers for the HP Designjet 500, the process of adding a printer /updating a printer is the same for all printers in Windows 10

Download the printer driver bundle here:

Updating the Drivers

Click on the Start Button (lower left corner), and type in Devices and Printers

The Devices and Printers dialog will open, listing the devices and printers installed on your computer. (note this will be different for each computer)

To make sure all old drivers are removed,

select the printer by left clicking, and then click Remove Device

Click Yes to remove the device. The printer will be removed.

To reinstall the printer, click on the Add Printer button.

Windows will then scan for printers attached to your computer, either physical attached or on your network.

This searching might take some time, so its advisable, to click on The printer that I want isn't listed.

Depending on how the computer is connected to your computer, select the correct settings. Then click Next.

Once you have configured the settings, the wizard will show all the drivers supported. We will now select Have Disk

Browse to the folder where the drivers were saved or extracted. Follow the prompts to install the new driver. Then when finished installing Click Print test page to check that the basic functionality of the driver.

Testing the Drivers

To see if the printing works, there is a simple check within AllyCAD or Civil Designer.

Open the program

Open a drawing, go to the File Menu > Print Setup, make sure the correct printer is selected.

Then go to the File Menu > Print Preview, if you see the preview, then the printer is working correctly.


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