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How to change the annotative scaling property

Annotative hatch scaling works such that if an annotative hatch has a line spacing of eg: 2mm on paper in the modelspace, then it will have a linespacing of 2mm on paper in the layout.

One way for you to avoid issues in the drawing, is to set the modelspace drawing scale to the 'plot scale' (ie: the scale that you will be using to plot the drawing in the layouts). For example a drawing that has scale 1:25 modelspace scale would mean that the annotative text, dimensions and hatches would look the same in the modelspace as they do in the layout.

You may change the annotative scaling for individual entities by setting the Annotative property to Yes/No in the Properties Bar. You can enable or disable Simple Annotative Scaling by selecting View Settings > Visibility.

Changing the Annotative Scale factor
You may also change the scale at which the annotative entity is displayed in a layout as follows:
  1. Select the layout that contains the viewport you want to change.
  2. Select the viewport.
  3. Display the viewport properties by right-clicking and selecting the Properties option from the popup menu.

  4. Now click on the Annotation Scale property in the Properties Bar and then click on the [...] button on the right of the Annotation Scale property.

  5. The available annotation scales will be displayed. Select a suitable scale from the list.

How to add Annotation Scales
Normally the annotation scales will be set up automatically as you set the annotation scale property of drawing entities or if you have created the entities with the size specified in mm or inches. However, there may be occasions where you wish to set up an additional annotation scale.

Use the Settings Annotation Scales menu option to change or set up annotation scales. The Annotation Scales window will be displayed.

Simply click on the [Add] button to add another scale.


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