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Authorising AllyCAD SME/PRO

The program is protected by means of a dongle; this is a plastic device that plugs into the printer port. There is a USB dongle available for new computers that don't have a printer port.

The standard dongle comes in 2 types, a purple HASP (single user) and a red HASP (network dongle). There is also a timed dongle (black), but this is authorised in a different way.

For security purposes, we don't ship any dongles pre-authorised.

To authorise the software follow these steps:
  1. Install the software and reboot if requested to by the installation program, this makes sure that all the correct drivers are loaded.
  2. Plug in the dongle (when the dongle is plugged into the USB port, the light in the dongle should switch on)
  3. Open the program, and for authorisation log on as Guest (a new user can be created next time the user opens the program)
  4. Click on the File Menu > Security > Authorise option. If any error messages appear click OK or Next to continue.
  5. The following dialog will appear on the screen:

On this screen you will see the User Code, there are now 3 ways to authorise your software as shown below the authorisation code. The preferred and quickest method is to use the Online button.

Method 1

Clicking on the Online button, the Knowledge Base web site will open:

Enter your name and company details, the user code will automatically be entered, once entered click on the Submit button. The web site will then generate a code.

Once you have received the Confirmation code, type or copy and paste, the code into the area provided and click the Authorise button.

Method 2

Clicking on the Save button, the Authorisation Data will open:

Fill in the required details, and then click on the OK button to continue.

The authoristion.txt file will be saved, the path where the file is stored is shown on the dialog, depending on the operating system installed, the path will be different. This file needs to be emailed to, a User code will then be emailed to you.

Note: The Save option can only be used once, this is for security reasons, it the button is greyed out, the other option is to phone for authorisation.

Once you have received the Confirmation code, type or copy and paste, the code into the area provided and click the Authorised button.

Method 3

Phone or fax Knowledge Base Software, details are provided on the Module Authorisation dialog.

Checking Authorisation

In the latest version of AllyCAD there is a function to find out what is authorised on a dongle that is plugged into the computer.

Click on the Authorisations button to see what is authorised.

Info dialog showing which modules are authorised.


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