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This Tech Tip requires the 'create_block.dr4' drawing.

Click here to download and open ''.

Select File > Open and select the 'Create Block' drawing as downloaded. Click on Open to retrieve the drawing.

The Drawing settings for the Create Block drawing are shown below:

You could create your own drawing if you would prefer.

Select View > Zoom > Zoom All or press ZA on the keyboard to view the entire drawing on the screen and make it easier to work with.

Adding an Attribute

An Attribute is a piece of information that can be attached to the Block. An attribute can be the code for a specific door or window or it could be the current rating for a fuse. You do not have to add an Attribute to a block. If you do not wish to add the Attribute then move to the next step.

Select Draw > Text > Attribute and the Define Attribute dialog box will be displayed.

You are prompted.

Add an Attribute name, Prompt text and Default value and set the Text display.

Click OK and you will be prompted.

Position the Attribute and click to insert it.

Creating the Block

We first need to select everything that we would like grouped to make the block. Use a selection box or press Ctrl + A.

Select Tools > Create Block and the Make Block dialog box will be displayed.

Name the Block and give it a description if necessary.

Click OK and you will be prompted.

Select an appropriate base point (Hook/Insertion point)I for the block and press Enter or click.

The Block is created and all that remains is to save the Block so that it can be used whenever required.

Saving the Block

Select File > Save As and browse for the 2D Symbols folder shown below.

The 2D Symbols folder can be found by following the following paths:

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Knowledge Base Software.

Windows Vista: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Knowledge Base Software.

Open the 2D Symbols folder and save the Block drawing.

A Snip Box is placed around the Block and can be turned on when inserting the block.

Have a look at the Tech Tip Inserting a Block.


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