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AllyCAD Tech Tips are published regularly in response to the more frequent support requests received. If you have a request for Tech Tip on a specific topic, please email our support staff.

Creating a Render View Fly-through

This Tech Tip explains how to generate a fly-through visualisation for presentation purposes

Start by opening a drawing which has 3D elements such as 3D buildings or 3D roads and terrain.

  1. Draw the path that you want to fly along. For example you could draw a polyline at an elevation of 100 metres.
  2. Go to View >Render View, then right-click and choose Flythrough.
  3. Set up your flythrough path by clicking Add in the Flythrough dialog. Then click on the polyline you just drew in the drawing.
  4. Set the Speed input to 60 km/h, Sight distance at 100 metres and the Height above path at 1.5 metres (if your path is not elevated) or 0 metres if your path is elevated. Then tick Hide camera path.
  5. Click the Run Flythrough button.

While in the animated fly-through you can press SPACE to pause, or Esc to exit.


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