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This Tech Tip explains what Proxy Entities are, and how to convert them to CAD entities.

A proxy entity is a substitute for a custom entity created by an add-on application that is not available to AllyCAD. When the add-on application that handles the custom entity is not available, AllyCAD loads the custom entity as a 'proxy entity' and can only perform very limited actions on it:
  • The proxy entity is stored in the drawing and it is saved back to disk when you save.
  • AllyCAD can draw a graphical representation of the proxy entity if it contains 'proxy graphics' data.
  • However AllyCAD cannot edit a proxy entity (it cannot be moved/scaled/rotated).
Examples of proxy entities in AllyCAD:
  1. Civil Designer Roads, DTM, Water, Storm or Sewer entities (these require Civil Designer add-on modules to handle them)
  2. AutoCAD MAP custom entities

When you open a drawing that contains proxy entities, you will be notified via a pop-up message:

Click on OK to continue opening the drawing.

Some CAD functions may not work as expected when the drawing contains proxy entities (since the proxy entities cannot be modified). For example, the Recenter Paper function will display a warning message:

How to convert proxy entities

AllyCAD 8.0 allows you to 'explode' a proxy entity into simple editable CAD entities.

Select the proxy entity or entities you want to explode

Go to Tools Menu > Explode > Explode Once The selected proxy entities will be exploded into simple CAD entities (eg: lines, arcs and polylines).

Note: Proxy entity explode cannot be undone.


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