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This tech tip explains how to pick settings (pen, layer, linestyle, lineweight, transparency) from an entity in the drawing, and then apply those settings to a selection of entities.

The Apply Settings function

Open any drawing.

In the example above, we want to change the 'solid' (continuous) yellow lines to use the same linestyle as the dashed lines (circled in red in the picture below). We can use the Apply Settings function like this:
  • Run the Apply Settings function ( Tools Menu > Pick > Apply Settings )
  • You will be prompted to indicate an entity to pick the settings from
  • Click on one of the dashed lines to pick its settings (circled in red in the picture below)
  • The Apply Bar will appear, prompting you to select entities to apply the picked settings to
  • The Apply Bar also allows you to choose which of the picked settings you want to apply:

  • Check the settings you want to apply (in this example we will choose all the settings that apply to a line entity)
  • Select the solid (continuous) yellow lines that you want to apply the picked settings to, as shown below (marked with blue rectangles):

  • Right click and select Apply settings

After applying the settings, the selected entities should look the same as the original one that you picked the settings from.

Pick pen and line style (T)

This function picks the pen and line style settings from an entity in the drawing, and makes them the current pen and linestyle.
  • Go to Tools Menu > Pick > Pen and line style, or press ( T ) on keyboard
  • Indicate an entity from which to pick pen and linestyle settings.
  • For this example, we click on the pink line or circle (see picture below)
The current pen, linestyle and lineweight are changed to that of the picked entity. The prompt bar will update to show the new current pen, linestyle, lineweight. The new settings will be in use when you draw new entities.

Pick Layer (Shift + L)

This function picks the layer setting from an entity in the drawing, and makes it the current layer.
  • Go to Tools Menu > Pick > Layer, or press ( Shift + L ) on keyboard
  • Indicate entity from which to pick the current layer.
  • For this example, I will click on pink line or circle
The current layer is set to that of the selected entity, and the prompt bar updates to show the new current layer.

The new setting will be in use when you draw new entities

Similar procedures apply for the other pick functions:

Pick > Settings         (Allows to pick current settings from an entity)
Pick > Text Settings (Allows to pick text settings from a text entity)
Pick > Hatch Style    (Allows to pick current hatch style from a hatch entity)


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