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This Tech Tip explains the new page size and scale aspects of the SG diagram Toolkit functionality.

For the typical usage of the SG Diagram functionality, refer to the previous tech-tips in this Toolkit series (

To generate a diagram drawing, you start with a layout drawing and trace the figure for the diagram.

The size and appearance of the generated diagram drawing is as per the current settings specified on the SG Diagram Setup dialog.

Different sheet size default templates

In addition to the long standing A4 drawing, diagrams can also be generated on A0, A1, A2, A3 and on double A4 page sizes.

The setup files and drawing files are located in their usual place being:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Knowledge Base Software\SGFiles\

The setup file (.ini) for the desired page size is loaded into the Setup dialog under the Survey Toolkit menu. Note that you load an .ini file and not a .dr4 file. The setup file references the appropriate drawing file.

Diagram Setup

Toolkit > Survey > SG Diagram > Setup

The filename in the title bar is the name of the settings file. The name of the titleblock drawing file is referenced in the settings. In this example the settings file is for standard A4 diagrams.

If you decide you actually want an A3 diagram you can't just change the titleblock drawing and keep all other settings the same because all the line and text positions will still be referencing an A4 drawing. Instead you need to press Load and then load in one of the defaults - for example the A3 settings.

The settings file includes the path to the template drawing and symbols drawing, so these do not have to be specified.

Note how the title bar reflects the new A3 settings file in use which has different settings than the previous A4 file. Most importantly it references the appropriate A3 title drawing. Click OK when done.

Tracing the figure

Tracing the figure for the diagram proceeds in the normal way.

Toolkit > Survey > SG Diagram > Trace Figure

Note, in AllyCAD 8.1 and later, during the tracing of the figure, you can also specify the scale of the generated drawing.

Here, you get to see how the figure will look with respect to the paper size specified in the settings. Adjust the scale either by entering a new value or clicking on the up/down control.

Continue to completion in the normal way. The diagram is generated using the title block and line/text settings as specified in the settings file.


SG Diagrams from CIVIL DESIGNER DTM points

As from CIVIL DESIGNER 8.1 it is possible to generate a diagram from the Survey Observations and Figures data.

Here, the figure is defined from points in your terrain database, computed say from double polars and intersections. Thereafter, pressing the Diagram button causes an SG diagram generated for the selected figure. The process proceeds in the same way as above, but without the need to trace the figure.

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