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This Tech Tip explains how to Trace a Figure for an SG diagram.

(It is advisable to first familiarize yourself with the setup and procedure of the SG diagram function.)


Begin by opening a drawing containing the figure that you want to trace and generate into an SG Diagram.

Go to Toolkit > Survey > SG Diagram > Setup. The setup dialog will open.

Next to Title Block, open a Titleblock template drawing, for example the default SG_TITLEBLOCK.dr4 drawing that is found under C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Knowledge Base Software\SGfiles

The appearance and position of the text and lines is customizable on this dialog, and also on the Diagram Options dialog.

The coordinates of town survey marks or trig beacons that you want on your diagram are set by clicking on Control Coords. With this dialog you can keep all your frequently used control coordinates in an .ini file for selection. Make changes as per your survey and click on OK when done.

To save the SG Diagram Settings as new settings leaving the original unchanged, click on Save As and give it a different name then save it.

You can make changes to the settings defining the appearance and position of the lines and text as shown below:

Click Ok to save settings

This function will generate a new CAD drawing which is the SG Diagram template with the traced figure inserted inside. The scale of this drawing will be the same scale as your drawing that you are tracing from. So itís advisable to change the sheet size to A4 Portrait, and to ensure the scale is suitable for the figure to lie inside the template frame.

Toolkit > Survey >SG Diagram > Trace Figures

Select YES to be prompted at each figure corner for the desired label. Select NO for the label to be assigned as default.

Indicate the corners of the outside figure, and end at the point you started.

The SG Diagram Text dialog appears giving you the opportunity to define the text that will appear on the diagram. Click OK when Done

You can optionally add subsections of text using the Notes dialog

Indicate the placement of the figure inside the frame. The drawing will be positioned to ensure the figure and the coordinate table match. The final drawing should look as the drawing below.

Save the drawing by going to File > menu > Save.


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