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This Tech Tip explains how to create an SG diagram template from an existing drawing.

It is advisable to first familiarize yourself with the setup and procedure of the SG diagram function.

Before you start, make sure you have an existing drawing that contains the basic frame and outline of an SG diagram. (NOTE: You need to create multiple SG diagram templates to accommodate different paper sizes because the Survey toolkit functionality does not automatically adjust to paper size.)

Creating a new titleblock drawing

Make the following changes to the settings in the prompt area at the top of the screen: Pen = Byblock, Layer = 0, Linetype = Byblock, Width to Byblock

Select the whole drawing

Go to Tools Menu > Blocks > Create Blocks

Name the block TITLEBLOCK (Note: this has to be in capitals and has to be TITLEBLOCK). Click OK.

Indicate bottom left corner as base point then right click, Quit.

Save the file under C:\Users\Public\Documents\Knowledge Base Software\SGFiles and name it, for example, 'MY-SG_TITLEBLOCK'

We will now use this drawing as the referenced titleblock drawing in a new Setup configuration

Create a new Setup configuration using the new drawing

Go to Toolkit > Survey > SG Diagram Setup

Click the [Load] button and select the shipped default SG Diagram.ini configuration found in folder C:\Users\Public\Documents\Knowledge Base Software\SGFiles.

Change the Title block drawing field to point to your new drawing.

Click the [Save As] button and type in a new name so as not to overwrite the default, but to create a copy.

Click on Save and then Ok.

Closing the dialog by clicking [OK] saves the changes you made. Clicking [Cancel] will not save any changes.

Making changes to properly reference the titleblock

All data that gets plotted inside the title block during the Trace SG Diagram function are configurable by specifying the horizontal and vertical coordinates. These need to be set by you to properly reference the new titleblock size and shape.

The setup dialog takes horizontal and vertical coordinates in millimeters and to one millimeter accuracy.

The origin of the coordinate system is the bottom left hand corner of the diagram's frame (not the paper edge, but the actual linework).

With this new configuration active, subsequent runs of Toolkit > Survey > SG Diagram> Trace figure will make use of your new template drawing.


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