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As part of our valued support services, AllyCAD Tech Tips are published regularly in response to the more frequent support requests received. If you have a request for Tech Tip on a specific topic, please email our support staff.

Rotating a Viewport

This tech tip explains how you can rotate a viewport.

Create a viewport in drawing mode by selecting View Menu > Viewports > Named Viewports. Name viewport then define it. Click on Close when done.

Insert layout (Layout > Insert), give it a name and accept the default settings. Then click Ok.

Click No when prompted to add a default viewport.

Click on Named Viewport to add viewport at the scale of your choice.

The viewport is now added to your layout.

Rotating the drawing in a viewport

Select the viewport you want to twist (Rotate)

Click on the viewport and right click, then select Properties.

In the properties change the twist Angle (eg. 45°) then press enter on keyboard. Deselect the drawing.

Rotating the whole viewport drawing

Note: the viewport line is a polygon clip. We will therefore have to redefine our polygon clip. Rotate the clip before rotating the drawing in the viewport.

Draw a rectangle or polygon around the viewport drawing.

To rotate the rectangle by 45°, select the rectangle, then select Modify > Rotate 2D. Click on the Keyboard option and enter 45°. Then click on bottom left corner of the rectangle to specify the rotation point. It should look like the drawing below. Deselect the rectangle.

Click on the viewport and then change the Twist Angle to 45° in the Properties area.

While the viewport is selected, click on the selection handles to adjust the viewport so that you can see everything in it according to your definition.

Move the rectangle so that the drawing is inside.

Select the viewport drawing and click on Add custom clip in the properties window. Then indicate the rectangle as a clip region. The drawing should look like the image below.


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