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AllyCAD Tech Tips

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  General Tech Tips 
How to customise the way AllyCAD looks (1) 
Customising AllyCAD (2) 
Using Layouts With Viewports At Varying Scales 
Using Plots With Viewports At Varying Scales 
Drawing Templates (Startup Drawing) 
Creating Blocks 
Inserting Blocks 
Inserting External Reference Drawing 
Customising Menus Using The Menu Editor 
Customising Pen Palettes - Palette Editor 
Customising the Toolbars 
Authorising AllyCAD SME/PRO 
Annotative Text 
How to change the annotative scaling property 
Annotation Scales Tutorial 
Block Attribute Editor 
Determining Which Device Drivers are Installed 
Backup And Auto Save Recovery 
How to reset the Windows Registry 
Updating Printer Drivers 
Google Earth Snap Shot Warning 
Installing A 64-Bit Access Database Driver 

  Survey Toolkit 
Creating an SG Diagram Template  
Tracing a Figure for an SG diagram  
SG Diagram with different paper sizes & templates 
Dimension Override - modifying dimension text 
3D Drawing: 3D box using Meshed Solids 
3D Drawing: Drawing a 3D Face Box 
Removing 'Override' Of Dimension Text Height 
How To Create A Symbol Line Style 
How to use the Advanced Selection Filter 
Rotating a Viewport 
Projecting to Isometric and 3D 
How To Insert an OLE Object 
Importing a Google Earth Image  
The Block Editor Function 
Setting the Hatch Pattern 
The Purge Function 
Defining Hatch Boundaries 
External References (XREFs)  
Framing and De-Framing  
Running Script Functions  
Importing & Exporting Survey Coordinates  
Pick Functions  
Converting Proxy Entities  
Generating a fly-through visualisation 
Converting a 2D Block to a 3D Block  
Creating Line Styles with TTF Font Characters  

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