AllyCAD Showcase

'Building Engineering Minds'

Tsoeu Joshua Mokaloba,
Lerotholi Polytechnic, Lesotho

Tsoeu Joshua Mokaloba is a committed lecturer and Head of the Engineering Faculty at Lerotholi Polytechnic with a remarkable story to tell. His ten year journey in the education profession has seen him lead many students of the Polytechnic to graduation.

The Faculty of Engineering in the Built Environment consists of many subjects which include Soil Mechanics, Geology, Concrete Technology, Highway design, Civil Designer, AllyCAD and Geotechnical Engineering. "Part of the challenge in the course structure is balancing the theory component with technology. We encourage students to bring their concepts to the design phase in AllyCAD," he explains.

"Students find it really easy to work in AllyCAD and a great advantage is that the program works beautifully with any of the design modules in Civil Designer. Since integrating Knowledge Base's software into the course curriculum there has been a definite improvement in student performance."

Many students get employed straight from the Polytechnic and occupy positions from either the private or public engineering sectors. The majority of the students also progress to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering or higher qualification in draughting.

The software curriculum component introduces the student to problem solving situations by analysing large volumes of data that affect their design. Students are also encouraged to draw from all the disciplines when completing their infrastructure design.

Before embarking on the course delivery, Joshua received extensive training from the Knowledge Base National Training Manager, Cedric McKenzie and is full of praise on the level of instruction. "The three day training course was intense but very helpful. I found it to be of an incredibly high standard and was pleased to incorporate some of the lessons into the student syllabus," says Joshua.
  "I am equally impressed with the level of support from the Support Centre. After reporting an installation difficulty, we received a special visit in person and the software is now operating smoothly and trouble free," he says smiling. When asked what makes a successful Engineering Faculty Manager, Joshua answers: "Patience and Passion. Long hours go into grooming a student for the engineering working arena. It's not an easy road to travel and my focus is on ensuring that the foundation is laid correctly."

When Tsoeu talks about the hard road he speaks from experience. He worked on site for many years as a supervising contractor and was heavily involved in quality control checks. "I was responsible for testing all the materials used on site and had the power to fail poor standards and reject a project. I was also responsible for producing monthly reports to the client where shortfalls were detected."

"Engineering is about quality so when I teach tomorrow's engineers, I want to make sure that they will be colleagues that I can be proud of. Working for the Polytechnic has opened my eyes to the many possibilities that shaping tomorrow's engineering minds can bring." Tsoeu Joshua Mokaloba is indeed the epitome of passion and patience, the mark of a true professional.

image Tsoeu Joshua Mokaloba spends many long hours at the Lerotholi Polytechnic and believes that you cannot be a Lecturer in the Engineering Faculty if you do not have patience. "It's more than a job, it has to be a calling," he says. Joshua graduated in Civil Engineering and then pursued his Masters degree in Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Pretoria. Besides an impressive academic history, Joshua also acquired practical experience at Consulting firms. He is married and has two daughters aged 13 and 10.

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