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N-Road Route Upgrades

SNA Consulting Engineers, Bloemfontein

Designs to improve community safety

Engineering Representative, Naomi Nieuwoudt, of Bloemfontein-based consulting engineers, SNA, thrives on the creative, people-focused and design aspects of civil engineering citing some of the hurdles that form part of the job description:

"One of my biggest challenges is working within the confines of municipal regulations, provincial regulations and even national government regulations. These all impact on the final design, but that's part of the job. You just have to find a way to make it work."

Thaba-Nchu Community Development
This pragmatic approach has stood her in good stead with developments such as the Thaba-Nchu Community Development Project, part of the SANRAL outreach programme designed to improve conditions for rural communities located along the N-road routes and aligned to the utilisation of SMME/BE subcontractors for the purposes of job creation.

"The targeted area is very poor and the residents have to cross the N8 in order to reach commercial areas and schools", explains Naomi.

The impetus for the N-route upgrades came from the need to provide school children and commuters with safe pedestrian crossings, particularly along the N8 route. The project area has a total of 14 352 households and is subdivided into four wards.

Its community orientation meant that an interface was needed between the community and contractor and as such Public Liaison Committees (PLCs) were established.

"These consist of various ward councillors, community members, advisors, municipal board members and even traffic officials," explains Naomi.

According to Naomi, working with a PLC does facilitate matters, but there are instances where they also offer frustrations on the project.

Knowledge and support
"The PLC has the power to control labour usage. With this venture, the project was bound by strict labour targets. The contractor therefore had to liaise with the PLC when sourcing local labour. They also tried as far as possible to make use of local contractors and suppliers."

SNA Consulting Engineers are long-standing users of Civil Designer and AllyCAD and have integrated the programs with great success into all of their branches.

Naomi is a proponent of the software, saying: "I enjoy working with Knowledge Base programmes; nothing else comes close to it.

I've also come to rely on the Support Centre and have called the helpline on more than one occasion when it mattered most," says Naomi.

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