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New Townships & Upgrades

Guthrie Business Trust, Mosselbay

How aerial photo imaging enables Township Development upgrades

Specialising in mapping and calculation of new townships, the Guthrie Business Trust was founded in 1971 by Land Surveying expert, Robert Guthrie and wife, Maude.

Thirty years later the business still thrives on its founding principles accuracy and fast turnaround time with word of mouth being the most effective marketing strategy the husband and wife partnership have come to rely on.

Liaising with land surveyors, town planners and the Surveyor General's Office, ensures that Robert keeps abreast with the behind-the-scenes detail required for the varied scope of township upgrades, such as the large-scale Hamanskraal and Cosmo developments.

Ortho-photo images & DMS calculations
"We do mapping and calculations of new townships. With a township upgrade we receive important ortho-photo information and use this to plan the drawing. All the detail like the existing housing and fencing are indicated on the drawing and then sent to the Town Planner to add the finishing touches."

"The Town Planner then indicates where the schools, erven, businesses and vacant areas are and advises us on the road access points to the township. Armed with this information we are able to prepare the layout and perform the necessary calculations for the land surveyors so that they can peg the township," says Guthrie.

  "Once the final co-ordinates have been received, I create the General Plans, smaller diagrams and finally the Working Plan. We also do a full Surveyor General check before submitting the final drawings," explains Robert.

Surveying with software
Since establishing the business more than three decades ago, technological developments and software upgrades have facilitated the design and production processes, making life much easier and facilitating their commitment to optimal turnaround schedules.

"In the good old days we had to supply clients with reams and reams of paper when we presented our drawings and calculations. Many of our clients were also spread out quite far and we had to rely on the postal service to get the information there. This was way before e-mail or even fax," he explains.

"Today things are much easier. We have email, fax and AllyCAD. Of course the work has increased ten-fold over the years and we are kept very busy.

In the last year alone I assisted various land surveyors with numerous erven. Fortunately we can depend on modern day technology to produce faster output. DTM and aerial photo information is read into AllyCAD and the software is used daily to help with designs.

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