AllyCAD Showcase

From Jazz venues to Primary School Halls

Alexander Architectural Designs, Cape Town


For self-taught Architectural designer, Keith Alexander, there are some projects that emerge as favourites in a professional career built on the beginnings of a carpentry apprenticeship.

These include the Victoria & Alfred's Mannenberg Jazz Café and Quay Four, the Upington Supermarket and Turfhall Primary School Hall.

He was first exposed to design and contract work as a shop-fitter learning the ropes of interior plans for stores, restaurants and nightclubs. It was here that he became enthralled with design, the inner workings of detailed CAD drawings and the versatility of AllyCAD software.

Passionate about the programme ever since, Alexander explains: "There is no other programme that can produce designs at the same speed as AllyCAD.

I never use the drawing board but rather when I have an idea I immediately produce the finished result using the program in exactly the same way as I have conceptualised it. It's absolutely amazing."


Alexander's passion for his work shines through, and no more so when he reflects on one project in particular: the design and construction of Turfhall Primary School Hall.

"I enjoyed this project in particular because I was also the chairman of the schools governing body and took a special interest in it. Many of the projects that I undertake are also handled in this way. I take a personal interest in each design. Experimenting with the layout and design of individual living spaces gives me a sense of great satisfaction."

Satisfied clients are the highlight of Keith's job, particularly because he is such a perfectionist. However he does point out that the contractual side of his portfolio is subject to huge time pressures.

"When I finished the design of the Upington Spar, the owner wanted construction to start immediately and wanted to begin trading shortly thereafter. We ended up getting a huge team of contractors involved to finish the project and it was an extremely stressful time. Handling a large task force like that with an impossible timeline is definitely the downside of the business, but in the end another satisfied client walks away."

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