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Multiple copy discounts (rewarding loyal clients & bulk purchases)
We award loyal clients and bulk purchases of our software by offering significant discounts on new sales. This discount % will be derived from the total number of copies owned by the client that have been updated within the last year. New clients that purchase in bulk will benefit from the same discount structure. Discounts will only apply to branch offices with the same name as the head office. To enquire about multiple copy discounts, please email info@knowbase.co.za or speak to one of our Key Account Managers.

Subscriptions (important for upgrades & support)
Software product prices include delivery and a one year subscription which gives you access to all updates for a year as well as support from our renowned Support Centre. Following this a Subscription needs to be purchased for continued product upgrades and support. All clients that are up-to-date with their subscriptions receive the latest software version when it is released at no cost. The Subscription is highly beneficial for clients that wish to remain competitive and is taken up by the majority of our clients.

Lease to own prices (great for new clients)
We offer a lease to own opportunity to clients which has become very popular for companies that are starting up or who wish to not pay for everything at once. You can ‘lease to own’ the software over a 12 month contract. This has helped many of our new clients and we are one of the few companies to offer such an opportunity. This option is available to South African clients only. To enquire about ‘lease to own’ options, please email info@knowbase.co.za or speak to one of our Key Account Managers.

Educational institutions
Official educational institutions are entitled to obtain up to 50 copies for the price of just one copy on a network. An official letter must be provided which states that the software will be used in the instruction of students. Only one copy of the manual will be supplied.

To enquire about this opportunity and to make sure you are giving your learners the best head start in the industry, please email info@knowbase.co.za.

Insuring your software
It is important to insure your software, as we are unable to replace the security device if it is stolen. Should you lose or have this stolen, you will need to purchase the program again at its full purchase price subject to the standard multiple copy discount. We will only replace a damaged security device once we have received the original item. You will only be charged for the cost of the actual dongle and postage.

If you have just lost the product CD, then we will be happy to replace this at the cost of postage.

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"I must have produced 3000 drawings and issued approximately 5000 co-ordinates in AllyCAD. The co-ordinate system is better than any other package I've worked on."
Mandy Koorn, Structural design of Soccer City, PDNA

"I do everything in AllyCAD. It is probably our most important design tool."
Johannes Pretorius, Senior Project Analyst at South African Airways

"I enjoy the advanced features it contains. It is also user friendly and great to work on."
Transnet National Ports Authority, Cedric Ramabulana

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