Design Outsourcing

The Bureau division extends the services of our support team to companies that are in need of additional resources.

The Bureau Outsourcing division provides a vital service to civil engineers, town planners, surveyors and environmental consultants where additional resources are needed.

Assisting With The Output Of Designs
We can assist with the output of designs based on survey and drawing data provided. Information may be supplied in electronic or hard copy, and the client must advise on the exact format of the final design. Our expertise includes earthwork embankment design, roads design, stormwater design - right through to sewer and water design.

Drafting Services
Our drafting services include the creation, update and editing of drawings as well as the production of final prints. The information is supplied to clients in an electronic format and may be provided in hard copy on request.

Sheet File Creation
Another useful Bureau service is the customization and creation of sheet files for top class professionalism. All industry sectors will benefit from this service as it guarantees a consistently professional look design after design.

Data Capture
More and more companies are converting their existing drawings and designs that have been stored in hard copy into an electronic format improving document control. The Bureau division will assist with the conversion of hard copy drawings into an electronic format according to the client's exact specifications. The electronic version may then, in certain instances, be converted into a digital terrain model.

Gis Related Projects
GIS related projects rely on extensive data capture work where accuracy is of the utmost importance. These projects are a vital component in every municipality, thereby making the services of a data capture team invaluable. Our highly dedicated Bureau team ensures a fast, accurate and effective service that delivers on all your GIS related projects.

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