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As part of our valued support services, AllyCAD Tech Tips are published regularly in response to the more frequent support requests received. If you have a request for Tech Tip on a specific topic, please email our support staff.

Archived Version 3 Tech Tips

 T10001  How to create a basic sheet file
 T10002  Creating a sheet file using an existing drawing as a title block
 T10003  How to import drawings from AutoCAD in DWG or DXF format
 T10004  How to use the AllyCAD Help System
 T10005  How to plot large bitmaps
 T10006  How to export drawings to AutoCAD DXF/DWG format
 T10007  How to export drawings in Adobe Acrobat PDF format
 T10008  How to Authorise AllyCAD SME / PRO
 T10009  How to increase your redraw speed with large drawings
 T10010  Creating an SG Diagram template from an existing drawing
 T10012  How to modify existing dimensions
 T10013  How to customise the AllyCAD screen
 T10014  How to set up your high resolution plotter for large bitmaps
 T10015  How to create a symbol linestyle
 T10016  Opening drawing and project files
 T10017  How to delete multiple hatches of one type
 T10018  How to change multiple hatches of one type
 T10019  How to change multiple hatches
 T10020  Missing linestyle option caused by Windows XP themes
 T10021  How to create a bill of materials.
 T10022  How to avoid using invalid login names
 T10023  How to use the Drawing Office Manager
 T10024  Add new drawing layers in the updated Layer Settings dialog
 T10025  How to use the AllyCAD Shortcut Keys
 T10026  How to select AllyCAD drawing snap modes
 T10027  How to redraw layers in a specific layer order
 T10028  How to access and use selection filters
 T10029  How to use different drawing scales in a drawing
 T10030  How to use the expand function
 T10031  How to use pen mappings
 T10032  How to search for text in a drawing
 T10033  How to create a symbol
 T10034  Apply a Helmert transformation on all or part of the drawing
 T10035  How to load bitmaps
 T10036  How to submit a crash report
 T10037  Coordinating a drawing based on known survey coordinates
 T10038  How to export different versions of DXF/DWG files. 
 T10039  Importing DXF/DWG Made Easier in version 3.5
 T10040  Geometry Lines

 T10041  How to hide a layer by clicking and selecting an object
 T10042  Batch Converting Drawings
 T10043  Rotating and clipping Bitmaps
 T10044  Save Default Settings and Autobackup
 T10045  Simple Moving and Copying Techniques
 T10046  Changing the Point Style
 T10047  3 Dimensional (Isometric) drawings in AllyCAD
 T10048  Changing all lines to the same color
 T10049  How to Bitmap Batch Load
 T10050  Creating and Using Symbols
 T10051  Multiple erf dimensioning routine - Survey Toolkit
 T10052  How to import a Microsoft Office Excel table into a drawing.
 T10053  Using the Mechanical Toolkit (Setup & drawing Hex Bolts)
 T10054  How to use the Mechanical Toolkit to draw Hex Nuts
 T10055  Using the Mechanical Toolkit (Socket Screws)
 T10056  Making Calculations
 T10057  Creating Elevations in the Architectural Toolkit
 T10058  Customising AllyCAD view settings
 T10059  How to define zoom view areas (with video)
 T10060  Drawing Gears in the Mechanical Tookit (with video)
 T10061  How to draw an ellipse (with video)
 T10062  Positioning manholes using AllyCAD's Civil Toolkit
 T10063  Using the enhanced Coordinate Table function (v.3.6)
 T10064  Drawing a Building Grid using AllyCAD's Structural Toolkit
 T10065  Advanced Dimensioning Functionality
 T10066  Adding a Roof to the Elevations in the Architectural Toolkit
 T10067  Enhancements to the Importing DXF/DWG Wizard
 T10068  How to use the Sheet Size and Scale function in AllyCAD
 T10069  Annotating a Drawing with Balloons
 T10070  Drawing Cut and Fill Lines in the Civil Toolkit
 T10071  Hot and Cold Rolled Sections in the Structural Toolkit
 T10072  Scaling a drawing using the cursor or by x and y coords
 T10073  Drawing Cross Sections in the Architectural Toolkit
 T10074  The purpose and function of layers in AllyCAD.
 T10075  Creating Survey General Diagrams
 T10076  How to use the Fillet function.
 T10077  How to draw a spring using the Draw Spring function.
 T10078  How to use the the Purge Duplicates/Redundant function.
 T10079  How to manage bitmaps loaded into a drawing.

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