AllyCAD 2013 – you win twice!

The most user-friendly and robust CAD, and even more cost effective due to exchange rates!
AllyCAD is experiencing constant growth in new local software sales, as our local clients benefit from not having to pay higher prices due the weakening Rand. Our international clients however are having a field day at being able to buy our software at a cheaper rate due to the Rand’s value... so it's a win win situation for all!

Sales for the latest 2013 version have already passed our in-house targets for the last quarter so hopefully this is going to be a great year for all!

Are you using AllyCAD 2011 or older?

Experience AllyCAD 2013
If you're not yet using AllyCAD 2013 we would like to help you get up to speed with the advantages of the latest version. AllyCAD 2013 gives the world a better CAD, one that is a user-friendly experience as well as being capable of any requirement or challenge.

AllyCAD's intuitive interface has earned it the reputation as the most user-friendly CAD package on the market. The software places all the draughting functionality that you need at your fingertips, allowing you to design the way you want to.

Please email us for a personalised quote to get you up to date.

Our AllyCAD Subscription rated as number 1

No other software Subscription gives you as much value!
Your Subscription for AllyCAD simply gives you more value and benefits than any of our competitors. Not only do you benefit from getting direct support from the developer and distributor of your software, but our service levels are rated as the best in the industry. Just ask our clients!

"As a long time AllyCAD user, I can tell you that this is the best product for all-around draughting available. The support and personal service is outstanding. End of story!" Forum Member: S. Holt, Location: Anchorage, Alaska

"I could not be without AllyCAD, it's a top notch programme with first class support." Forum Member: Rodders, Location: Stirling, Scotland

Support Benefits

Telephonic Support *
Email Support *
Remote Support
Onsite Support **
Tech Tip Tutorials
User Group Meetings
Visits To Your Office
Support Forum

Software Benefits

Current Version Upgrades
Free Copy of New Versions ***
Development Requests ****
* We don't charge you extra or limit you to a specific amount of support hours.

** This does not include training in the use of the software, but we are happy to help with minor questions or issues.

*** We release a new version of our software every year with more functionality and features to speed up your design time.

**** All development requests are passed onto our development team and assessed in terms of importance.

Knowledge Base and the ODA

Speedy And Better Development
Knowledge Base is one of the founding members of the ODA that has grown to 1200 members. "The ODA enables Knowledge Base to develop products faster and better and concentrate on real advantages for the end user," according to Software Development Manager, David du Toit.

"We can quickly and easily keep in step with DWG changes which means that we can focus our efforts on other areas such as making our software more user-friendly and powerful than the competitors."

Feature Focus

  Shape File export includes Arcs, Circles, Inserts & XRefs
ArcView Shape file export now includes arcs and circles (exported as exploded lines) as well the contents of any inserted blocks or XRefs in the drawing.

Get TURN add-on for AllyCAD

TURN Vehicle Simulation
TURN is an add-on which you can purchase for your MICRO, SME or Professional AllyCAD software. TURN provides dynamic and interactive simulation for low speed turning manoeuvres along a specified tracking path which includes cars, trucks, articulated vehicles, trailers, commercial aircraft and forklifts. Easy track path definition and creation with smallest turning circle calculation.

"The Observatory Business Park was designed with the help of TURN. We wanted to ensure that the large delivery trucks could drive through the traffic circles of the business park with ease." Peter Wium, De Villiers Sheard, Cape Town

"Even when designing a shopping centre these days, you need to see where the trucks can turn to get in and out of the loading yards." Hannes Kotze, ZII, Cape Town

To purchase TURN for AllyCAD please visit the TURN page on our AllyCAD website.

New Training Course & CPD Points

New AllyCAD Advanced course coming!
For those of you that know how to use AllyCAD but want to improve your productivity even further, we will soon be launching an AllyCAD Advanced course! We will be opening bookings in the near future. Let us know if you are interested to go on it.

For South African clients, the particular advantage of doing our courses is that delegates will accumulate CPD points. Continual Professional Development (CPD) points are required to maintain your professional registration status with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) and the South African Institute of Civil Engineers (SAICE).

Advanced Course
  • 2 Day Course
  • 2 CPD Points
  • Coming soon!
  • Proficiency Course
  • 4 Day Course
  • 4 CPD Points
  • Toolkits
  • 1 Day Course
  • 1 CPD Point

  • AllyCAD 3.6 no longer supported

    It has been 6 years after all!
    Unfortunately the time has come that AllyCAD 3.6 and Civil Designer 6.5 will no longer be supported by Knowledge Base. Most other software vendors retire your software after just 3 years and stop supporting it. We have supported these version for nearly 6 years! The software will still obviously work but we will not accept support calls and no more improvements / bug fixes will be issued for these versions.

    If you are still using these old versions, now is the time to upgrade to the latest 2013 version. Contact to organise your upgrade.

    Showcase your project

    Send us a picture of your design
    Want to showcase what you have done with AllyCAD? It is real easy! Simply send us a picture or screenshot of your project in AllyCAD and write 3-5 sentences on the project itself and how AllyCAD has helped you and why you enjoy using our software.

    We are always interested to hear, no matter if it is for a stadium, residential property, mechanical component, furniture, civil works or survey diagram or even just your garden shed.

    Please limit images sizes to less than 4MB and email them to

    We look forward to sharing more news, information and software tips with you in our next quarterly newsletter. For any feedback, enquiries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    The Knowledge Base Team

    Contact Us
    contact+27 21 7011850   (International)

    contact0860 101 999   (SA only)
    Client Projects Page
    Take a look at our client projects page and if you have a success story that you would like to tell us about, please contact us so we can add your project to our list.

    Video Tutorials
    Make sure you take advantage of all the latest AllyCAD video tutorials. We are starting with more basic tutorials but will be adding more complex ones in the future. You can view them on our website at the following page:

    The Parallel Copy Function

    Hatch Patterns

    AllyCAD 2013, Build 3
    Make sure you are using the latest version of AllyCAD 2013 and download the Build 3 Update. You can download this from our updates page:

    AllyCAD 2013 - LATEST BUILD
    - Build 3 (2013/05/07)
    - Build 3 (2013/05/07)
    V3.6/2011/2013 - HASP DRIVER UPDATE
    - (2013/03/19)

    Join our new Facebook group
    We have recently created an AllyCAD Facebook group so that we can get to know our clients better and use this as another means to keep in contact with you. We would like this Facebook page to develop into something where like minded individuals who use our software can chat and where we can post important info and news.

    AllyCAD HOME Edition
    AllyCAD HOME offers the full functionality of our Professional CAD version and is suitable for the hobbyist and for small venture drawing purposes. This version is limited only in its maximum drawing size (300Kb). With more than 40 000 AllyCAD HOME users worldwide preferring AllyCAD, experience it for just R702.00 (£45). AllyCAD HOME can be purchased online from the following webpage: