AllyCAD 2013 Launched

When we envisioned creating AllyCAD, we wanted to give the world a better CAD. One that was a user-friendly experience as well as being capable of any requirement or challenge. We wanted to give you a CAD package that had the most powerful, robust and reliable CAD engine that the world could offer. An engine that allows it to handle 5-10 times more data than any comparable programme.

Our 2013 version is simply the strongest CAD version we have ever released and it is one of the biggest things to happen to AllyCAD since it all began 24 years ago. AllyCAD is currently used in over 40 countries and our outstanding client retention and growth lets us know we are doing things right.

Backed by the best support in the industry, with the largest dedicated Support Centre on the continent, now is the time to ensure your subscription is up-to-date so you can benefit from this latest release.

To see what is NEW and what has been IMPROVED in AllyCAD, take a look at our Functions and Features page on our new website.

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Feature Focus

Import a Google Earth Snapshot
A new utility can capture and georeference the active view from Google Earth. The resultant image can then be imported into the correct position in a survey drawing. This is useful for preplanning for development surveys, preliminary designs, etc.

Import shape files with Lat-Long coordinates
ArcView Shape files in geographical coordinates can now be converted to survey coordinates during import. Importing also has an option to create an Access MDB file (requires the relevant ADO database driver) containing the data associated with the Shape file. The data link can be manipulated to produce labels based on the contents of the database table.

Join our new Facebook group

We have recently created an AllyCAD Facebook group so that we can get to know our clients better and use this as another means to keep in contact with you.

We would like this Facebook page to develop into something where like minded individuals who use our software can chat and where we can post important info and news.

We look forward to sharing more news, information and software tips with you in our next quarterly newsletter. For any feedback, enquiries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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New Showcase Story
Kenefick Jones Partnership

Kenefick Jones Partnership
The Kenefick Jones Partnership have been using AllyCAD for all their in-house designs over the last 20 years, having bought their first copy in 1993... Read more.

Video Tutorials
Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and take advantage of all the latest AllyCAD video tutorials. We are starting with more basic tutorials but will be adding more complex ones in the future. Alternatively you can view them on our website at the following page:

Using Geometry Lines

Using the Polar Jump

New AllyCAD website
We are in the process of upgrading our websites to improve the user experience for all our clients. Take a look at the NEW AllyCAD website and let us know what you think?