AllyCAD 2013 We have done it!
When we envisioned creating AllyCAD, we wanted to give the world a better CAD. One that was a user-friendly experience that allowed you to design the way you want to as well as being capable of any requirement or challenge.

We wanted to give you a CAD package that had the most powerful, robust and reliable CAD engine that the world could offer. An engine that is fine tuned and supercharged by the intelligent code that runs through it, allowing it to handle 5-10 times more data than any comparable programme.

AllyCAD 2013 is exactly that! If we developed car engines, it would be the sound of a V8 Mustang made with the precision that you would expect from a finely crafted Rolex. With three years of intensive development, followed by an additional two years of CAD engine fine tuning with continual feedback from clients, we are proud to give you the most powerful and robust AllyCAD in the history of the software. Our 2013 version is simply the strongest CAD version we have ever released and it is one of the biggest things to happen to AllyCAD since it all began 24 years ago.

With the titanium strength CAD engine, we find ourselves in the position where we can focus on supercharging AllyCAD with ever-increasing features and functionality to simplify and speed up your design tasks.

Make sure your Subscription is up to date to experience the AllyCAD Advantage and get your hands on AllyCAD 2013 when it is released in December this year. Contact to get your subscription up to date if it is not already.

New Functions in AllyCAD 2013
  • Multi-leader entity associates multiple arrows with one text item or block
  • Set the transparency of entities
  • XRef and locked layer fading
  • Print or publish the drawing space and/or multiple layouts
  • Batch Print all drawings in a specified folder
  • Export to PDF
  • Multiple backup drawings allow you to step back to earlier versions
  • All entities which have an optional frame now have frame visibility settings
  • Convert multiple single-line text items to one multi-line text entity
  • Explode block attributes to text entities
  • Easily edit text within a group in the same way as normal text
  • Draw text aligned to an existing entity
  • Specify a user defined text position for dimensions
  • Pick settings from a existing entity and apply them to multiple entities simultaneously
  • Hatch Editor allows you to set up custom hatch patterns
  • Import a Google Earth snapshot
  • Load Bitonal TIF images
  • Display drawing statistics
  • Expand detail function with layer magnification as in AllyCAD V3.x
  • Monitor XRefs for changes
  • Import shape files with Lat-Long coordinates and link associated data with databases
  • Shape file export includes arcs, circles, inserts and XRefs
  • Arithmetic expressions in all number inputs
  • And so much more...
Enhancements in AllyCAD 2013
  • Multi-line text editor now supports left-, right- and centre-alignment, tabs and indents
  • Ordinate dimensions can be drawn as free or chained dimensions
  • Arc-length dimensions can be drawn as free, chained or running dimensions
  • Survey dimensions support distance-dependant decimals and are now editable
  • Type in pen numbers in the property bar pen field
  • The format for the Label Coord function is far easier to set up
  • Polyline vertices can be added and removed
  • Hatches can be edited by moving nodes
  • Drawing of the lightweight polyline has been improved to allow tangential lines to the previous bulge
  • Rubber banding for large selections has been made faster
  • Table entity enhancements including Excel import, merged cells, node editing and text alignment per column
  • Pick Settings can now pick styles as well as basic properties
  • Snip function can now snip selected entities only
  • Blocks can now have customized snip boxes
  • Hatches have been updated to use 'user' and 'custom' hatch types
  • And so much more...

We look forward to sharing more news, information and software tips with you in our next quarterly newsletter. For any feedback, enquiries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Industrial Door Services Limited

Industrial Door Services
"The AllyCAD package suits the way we design our doors, and the way we work" says head of design Ged Lomax. Industrial Door Services manufacturer quality industrial doors, designed according to specific security and insulation requirement specifications. Read more.


"My company specializes in water and wastewater engineering. I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and a Masters of Science degree in Environmental Engineering and have been in business in the US since 2001. I like using AllyCAD because it is a powerful drafting program, yet it can be learned in a few short hours."
Cindy Ellis, Watkins Engineering, USA


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