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Let the Games Begin
Within a matter of days, all eyes will be on Soccer City where the Fifa World Cup will kick off with the opening ceremony. We're proud to say that Soccer City's structural design was done in AllyCAD and surrounding infrastructure with Civil Designer.

While South African engineering will be showcased to the rest of the World, we hope too that Bafana Bafana will surprise us with all our local support cheering the team on. We may be the underdogs, but our boys will certainly play with all their heart.
Soccer City

Every single pile position was set out with co-ordinates using AllyCAD software, a draughting package developed and supplied by Knowledge Base. Over 3 000 drawings were completed with approximately 5 000 co-ordinates in AllyCAD. These included the exact position of every pile as well as the setting out data of the geometry of the stadium. PDNA also use Knowledge Base’s Civil Designer software package for their civil engineering infrastructure work.
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AllyCAD 2010 - What's New
With 2010, the main challenge was maintaining the traditional AllyCAD ease of use while migrating to 3D with full DWG compatibility. We have also included a batch DRG convert function which aids in a fast transition period from AllyCAD3 versions to AllyCAD 2010 for those that want to convert all their previous designs to the new more powerful AllyCAD format.

We have added more advanced functionality and have made AllyCAD's user-interface much more intuitive, consistent and user-friendly.
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Feature Focus
The toolbars in AllyCAD 2010 can display multiple toolbar buttons without sacrificing screen space by employing sub-toolbars (called flyouts). These are displayed only when activated and are otherwise not visible. The presence of a flyout is indicated by a special toolbar button display:

The first four buttons in the above toolbar are shown with a black arrow in the bottom corner. This is an indicator that, when activated, this toolbar button can display a flyout which contains additional toolbar buttons. The button otherwise acts normally in all respects in that clicking it will carry out the assigned command.

The method of activating the flyout depends on your System Settings.
  1. The default method of activating the flyout is to click the toolbar button with the left mouse button and hold. After a short period (which can be adjusted in System Settings) the flyout will be displayed. Keeping the left mouse button held down you then move the cursor to the flyout button you want and release the left mouse button to carry out the assigned command. At this point the flyout is hidden once again. Releasing the left mouse button anywhere outside the flyout will not carry out any command but will hide the flyout once more.
  2. The alternate method of activating the flyout (available when you have selected the Right-click flyout activation option in the System Settings General page) is to click the toolbar button with the right mouse button. This will immediately display the flyout. You then move the cursor to the flyout button you want (the cursor is automatically moved to the first flyout button) and click again to carry out the assigned command. At this point the flyout is hidden once again. Moving the cursor outside of the flyout will cause the flyout to be hidden and no command will be carried out.
The second method of activation will be more natural (and is therefore recommended) for users that have had experience in prior AllyCAD versions.

AllyCAD 2010 Conversion Course
With all the excitement of the FIFA World Cup and with the urgent need to complete existing projects before beginning new longer term projects, we may be in for a temporary slump in the market until after the World Cup frenzy. However, the forecast looks good - compared to the rest of the world we are still experiencing healthy growth and demand for service delivery remains high. So, now is the time to make sure you are on top of your game to tackle the rebound and future demand that we are set to experience as attention shifts beyond the World Cup. Hopefully with the increased need for service delivery in South Africa, and with the more positive comparative growth that we are experiencing compared to the rest of the world, the market should pick up again quickly.

So book your AllyCAD 2010 training now to learn all about its new features and become increasingly productive. Some of the functionality covered on this course includes:
  • Customize your Screen layout
  • Create a New Drawing
  • Utilize the Drawing Functions
  • Set Global Settings
  • Create Drawing template Files
  • Utilize Display Commands
  • Employ Object Snaps
  • Use and understand Drawing Planes & View Planes
  • Edit Objects
  • Draw to Actual Size
  • Use Annotation Functions
  • Utilize Advanced Drawing Functions
  • Create and Plot Sheetfiles
  • Print
In addition to this we will soon offer a 3D course for those of you that wish to learn to design in 3D. The AllyCAD course length differs accordingly to your experience with the program. AllyCAD version 3 users can complete the course in a day or two. 4 Days is required for new users. To book your training please contact

CAD Humour

Forum Focus
AllyCAD clients can access the AllyCAD support forum which allows interaction with other users and also provides discussion with the software developers. The platform allows you to share valuable macros, post new topics, reply to topics, edit and delete posts, and attach and download files. Access the forum here

I have AllyCAD version 3.3, which allows me to edit text by double clicking it and opening a dialogue box. I can also move the text by clicking on it and moving it. After downloading the HOME version of AllyCAD 2010 to compare it to version 3.3, it seems that I cannot edit text or move it as described above?

To edit the text, double-click to select and open Properties bar. This bar displays the text string and there is a button for editing the text. Alternatively, if the text you want to edit is the only selected item (press Escape to clear all selections then single-click the text to be edited), right-click and select Edit text from the pop-up menu. To move the text, single-click to select it, click and hold the left mouse button to activate drag mode then drag the text (or whatever is selected at the time) to a new position then release the left mouse button. The Move command is only used for accurate movement of selected entities as you can use snaps or jumps to indicate the final position, dragging is used for approximate placement of selected entities as snaps and jumps do not operate when placing.


To help you get moving with the benefits of AllyCAD we're releasing a new series of Tech Tips. Five Tech Tips are already available for you to get your teeth into (see below) and more will follow over the next few weeks.

Tech Tip

1. Layouts With Viewports at Varying Scales
2. Plots With Viewports at Varying Scales
3. Drawing Templates
4. Creating Blocks
5. Inserting Blocks


- Release 4 patch file (31/03/2010)
- Release 4 patch file (31/03/2010)
- (19/12/2009)


The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Surveying at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) held their annual prize giving ceremony on Wednesday 6 May 2010 in recognition of students who performed exceptionally well in the 2009 academic year.
  • Best Civil Designer Project:
    Johannes Hanekom / Jacob Scholtz
  • Best AllyCAD project:
    Romario Sardinha
Knowledge Base was pleased to acknowledge the success of these emerging professionals and congratulate them on their outstanding academic achievements.


You can now own AllyCAD via a 'Lease to Own' payment option over a 12, 24 or 36 month plan. This option is available to South African clients only and is linked to the prime lending rate. Please email


Access the Support Forum here.
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Tel: 086 0101 999 (South Africa only)
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The Outsourcing Centre offers a dedicated engineering support team who handle infrastructural design tasks ranging from data capture and drafting through to GIS related assignments. The team is available to assist with project deadlines and data can be presented in any format required. Contact for further details.

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