AllyCAD used in nearly 40 countries
AllyCAD is now being used in 40 different countries and is preferred for its simplicity and versatility. It is one of the fastest and most powerful CAD packages on the market.

Our client base is dramatically expanding to encompass engineers, surveyors and architects who use AllyCAD for large scale projects, as well as thousands of industrial designers and hobbyists who use AllyCAD for their designs of everything from model steam engines to garden sheds and office furniture.

This year we decided to start including showcases of hobbyists and smaller designers on our AllyCAD HOME page. By submitting your designs to us, you will qualify to have your own page on our website with a link to your company details and contact numbers.

New Improved Tech Tip tutorials
We have improved our Tech Tip tutorials by making them more informative and including more images and screenshots. Take a look at the latest Tech Tip tutorial in this newsletter and let us know what you think? We will also be including video clips via youtube in the near future to assist you further. If you have any suggestions for future Tech Tips, please do let us know.

Increased demand for AllyCAD
Knowledge Base's retention of clients (this excludes sales to new clients) has been 96% for the last 5 years. On top of that, the 4% we lose includes companies that have gone out of business since 2008. So this in fact means that our client retention is closer to 98%!

Studies show that a client retention rate in excess of 95% guarantees an unrivalled level of customer satisfaction in the sector and moreover, these retention rates during a global recession, put us amongst the top global companies in the world!

Knowledge Base and the ODA
Knowledge Base is one of the founding members of the ODA that has grown to 1200 members. The benefits of membership include sharing the costs and effort associated with software development in respect of compatibility with the DWG format as it evolves.

Being a Founding member gives Knowledge Base access to the Teigha source code and allows us to be involved in the management of the ODA. "The ODA enables Knowledge Base to develop products faster and better and concentrate on real advantages for the end user," according to Software Development Manager, David du Toit.

"We can quickly and easily keep in step with DWG changes which means that we can focus our efforts on other areas such as making our software more powerful and feature rich." In the long term, both customers and Knowledge Base benefit through the ODA, giving engineers and designers the best possible solution at their fingertips.

AllyCAD well received by Educators
AllyCAD is used in schools throughout South Africa and the latest Grade 10 text books have been highly commended by educators. Neil Simons, Education Department Curriculum Planner, expresses: "As a curriculum advisor I am proud to say that AllyCAD is there to build the next generation of CAD users. As part of the curriculum nationally it is expected of learners to know Basics of CAD in Grade 10, Application of CAD in Grade 11 and 12.

AllyCAD is being used to equip and up-skill learners with CAD skills. The software is user-friendly and well received in schools. The content in the Grade 10 Civil Technology book is set at a basic level and those who use it find it very helpful in getting to grips with the potential of a CAD program," says Neil.

Currently the Grade 11 book has been approved for implementation nationally and it incorporates the use of AllyCAD for the Civil drawings. The content in the Grade 11 book covers external and internal walls, how to draw the roofline and elevations and how to go about drawing isometric views. The Grade 12 book has been finished and is in the process of being approved.

The program works intuitively and that is why is its ideal program for facilitating the learning process and ensuring optimal results.

Questions from the Knowledge Base Forum
Whilst having your Subscription up to date gives you access to the number 1 Dedicated Support Centre in Africa, we are also encouraging user participation with our developers through our Knowledge Base Forum. If you have a question, please post it on our forum and one of our support staff or programmers will get back to you.

How can I output my .dr4 or .dwg files in other formats? For example as a JPG or PDF without losing the quality and sharpness of the printout?

To save a .dr4 drawings as image do the following:
  • Make sure the drawing is visible on your screen. What you see is what you will get.
  • Go to File > Save options > Save View.
  • Select image dimensions click 'Ok', change Save as type to JPEG.

To save the image as PDF, you need to have PDF creator installed. We are using DocuPrinter ( in this example.
  • Install DocuPrinter on your computer.
  • In AllyCAD open the drawing you want to print to PDF.
  • Go to File > Print Setup.
  • Select DocuPrinter as your printer and click 'OK'
  • Go to File > Print click on 'Ok' to print.
  • Save it.

We look forward to sharing more news, information and software tips with you in our next quarterly newsletter. For any feedback, enquiries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Knowledge Base Team


Working with OLE Objects

Many drawings such as a reinforced concrete detail or a component drawing require a table with calculations for total length, cross section areas or the weight of steel sections. The simplest way to do this is to set up an Excel spreadsheet with formulae to do the calculations and then to incorporate the spreadsheet as part of your drawing.

The same principles also apply to any OLE (Object Linking and Embedding ) object such as a Word document or a CorelDraw illustration. The beauty of inserting an OLE object is that you can use the native program for that object to edit it from within the drawing, and that it will be displayed with all the formatting and special functionality that comes with the original program that created the OLE object. VIEW THIS TECHTIP >>



Recently one of our AllyCAD clients mentioned to me about how much joy he was getting from a website,, which focuses on grouping creative ideas and is becoming increasingly popular with over a billion page views per month. Check out their social media architectural page or home decor page.


As part of a current study for the future development of our 2014 version (AllyCAD 2013 to be released at the end of this year), we would like to get your feedback on the following questions. We will be sending the first 25 responses as well as the best 5 responses a 4GB USB stick.
  • What do you LIKE about our software?
  • What do you DISLIKE about our software?
  • What would you like us to IMPROVE and ADD IN to specific software modules?


AllyCAD HOME offers the full functionality of our Professional CAD version and is suitable for the hobbyist and for small venture drawing purposes. This version is limited only in its maximum drawing size (300Kb). With more than 40 000 AllyCAD HOME users worldwide preferring AllyCAD, experience it for just 45. AllyCAD HOME can be purchased online from the following webpage:


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