AllyCAD 2011

Do you have the latest AllyCAD Build 7 ? 

We have released Build 7 (June 20th 2011) which has some significant improvements for all AllyCAD 2011 clients. Visit our updates page on the AllyCAD website to download the latest build if you have not already done so.

There are 11 specific enhancements, 2 additional features as well many refinements of the software to make it work better, faster and remove all minor bugs.

To view a more detailed report, take a look here.

Have You Outgrown AllyCAD HOME ?

We are giving out HOME users the chance to upgrade to the AllyCAD 2011 MICRO for just 160 (retails at 290) and allows you to benefit from its extra drawing size capacity and support services.

Upgrade to AllyCAD MICRO here >>

This upgrade offer is only available to current AllyCAD HOME clients and is only available onilne.

Learn about AllyCAD Professional
Find out about some of the large scale projects which have been completed with AllyCAD Pro. View the examples below or read other showcases here.

Defining an airline's brand
For all his livery designs, Pretorius uses AllyCAD, the industrial strength CAD software package developed and supplied by Knowledge Base, more...
  Soccer City
Every single pile position was set out with co-ordinates using AllyCAD software. PDNA also use Knowledge Base's Civil Designer software package for their infrastructure work, more...

Tell us about your AllyCAD HOME Project
We like to showcase what our Home version users are doing with AllyCAD. If you have an interesting project you want to tell us about, please send details and two images to

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3D Drawing part 1
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3D Drawing part 2
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Modified Whistle Valve Design
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