AllyCAD 2011

AllyCAD 2011: Build 7 RELEASED 

We have released Build 7 (June 20th 2011) which has some significant improvements for all AllyCAD 2011 clients. Visit our updates page on the AllyCAD website to download the latest build if you have not already done so.

There are 11 specific enhancements, 2 additional features as well many refinements of the software to make it work better, faster and remove all minor bugs.

To view a more detailed report, take a look here.

  Get TURN add-on for AllyCAD

Simulation for turning manoeuvres
TURN is an add-on which you can purchase for your MICRO, SME or Professional AllyCAD software. TURN provides dynamic and interactive simulation for low speed turning manoeuvres along a specified tracking path which includes cars, trucks, articulated vehicles, trailers, commercial aircraft and forklifts. Easy track path definition and creation with smallest turning circle calculation.
  • Multiple vehicle libraries including TRH17 criteria
  • User Configurable Vehicles
  • Easy track path definition and creation
  • Define way points along the track path
  • Smallest turning circle calculation
  • Cargo Point tracking function
  • Projecting load clearance analyzed
  • Forward and Reverse movements
  • Plot output graphs and data tables
  • Track path to CAD layer with test vehicle profile
  • Works in conjunction with existing CAD entities
  • And so much more...
To purchase TURN for AllyCAD please visit the TURN page on our AllyCAD website. To request further information, please email us at

AllyCAD HOME edition for home use

AllyCAD HOME offers the full functionality of our Professional CAD version and is suitable for the hobbyist and for small venture drawing purposes. This version is limited only in its maximum drawing size (300Kb). With nearly 40 000 AllyCAD HOME users worldwide preferring AllyCAD, experience it for just 36. AllyCAD HOME can be purchased online from the following webpage:

You can view our latest HOME user showcase here

Update Your Subscription & Receive 2011

Make sure your subscription is up to date to receive AllyCAD 2011. If you are not up to date and want to receive the latest major release, please get in touch with us at:

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"All my designs are done from scratch and I find AllyCAD most intuitive as I work out the design at hand. There are a number of ways to use the programme and I switch between the basic drawing functions and the architectural toolkit features without thinking about the programme itself."
Japie Kitshoff Architectural Designs, Cape Town

AllyCAD allows you to resize the vertical and horizontal scale so that the actual size of the members is largely correct in just one adjustment. AllyCAD can handle files from almost any CAD package, making life a lot easier."
Geoffrey Bold, G R Bold & Associates, Cape Town


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