AllyCAD 2011

AllyCAD 2011: Build 5 released and ready to be downloaded

We have released build 5 (March 15th 2011) which has some significant improvements for all AllyCAD 2011 clients. While we typically just optimize a specific version once it has been released, we do yet again have another new function in this latest build for you. Visit our updates page on the AllyCAD website to download the latest build if you have not done so already. For those that have enabled AllyCAD to prompt them when a new build is available, you should already be aware of this latest release.


  • Improved speed optimization
    We are focusing on improving the speed of AllyCAD to ensure it is the fastest CAD package on the market. We have done some tweaks in build 5 and are looking to further optimize the software significantly in the next build to re-establish our position in the market of not only being able to handle the largest drawings but also be the fastest CAD around.

  • New fixes and enhancements to "publish layout" function
    XRefs are now exploded or converted to blocks, to reduce dependency on external drawings. Fix to snipping of block inserts to viewports. Viewport layer visibility used when publishing. Publish function can now also save to DWG/DXF.

  • New function: DIMARCLENGTH3POINT
    We have added a new function for Arc length dimensioning by three points. You can find out more info on this new function in AllyCAD's Help File if you have downloaded the latest Help File from our updates page. Otherwise click here to view an online explanation.

  • Updated help file documentation (Separate Download File on Updates page)
    Make sure you have downloaded the latest help file documentation from our AllyCAD website. We keep this as a separate file from the program to keep the download smaller.

  • Various bug fixes and improvements
    As always we are continually refining your software to work better, faster and remove all minor bugs.

Update Your Subscription & Receive 2011
Make sure your subscription is up to date to receive AllyCAD 2011. If you are not up to date and want to receive the latest major release, please get in touch with us at

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