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IMESA 2010 Conference and Exhibition
The Annual conference of IMESA (The Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa) will take place at the International Convention Centre, East London from the 27th-29th October 2010. IMESA 2010 The theme for the conference 'MEETING SERVICE DELIVERY CHALLENGES' affects fundamental aspects of human development including economic welfare, health and dignity and will offer delegates an ideal opportunity to constructively debate the challenges facing engineers in the municipal environment.

Knowledge Base will again be exhibiting at the conference allowing clients to interact with our key account managers and learn more about the advantages of AllyCAD 2010.

Design with the latest 2D/3D version
AllyCAD 2010 has been rewritten to allow for both 2D and 3D draughting and is even faster and stronger than AllyCAD 3.6. We have added 3D rendering with smooth shading, perspective view and hidden line removal. You can define your own lighting and view your design in a split modelspace or work on any view (top/side/iso) at the same time. If you want to take your product design to the next level and are thinking of switching to 3D, you will be happy to know that AllyCAD 2010 offers:
  • Layouts and viewports
  • 3D entities
  • Multiple Views
  • 3D rendering
  • Blocks and XRefs
You can purchase AllyCAD 2010 online or through one of our Key Account Managers through our Buy Page.

Feature Focus
AllyCAD 2010 includes a properties bar which gives you quick and easy control over entity properties and allows you to view and modify the properties of selected entities. The Properties Bar can be dragged to dock on either the left or right side of the main window, or can be floated. If it is not showing just press F4 and the property bar opens immediately.

The Control Panel is a powerful feature which displays the information of all the objects in the drawing within a "Drawing" tab. If you click on an object type in the left pane of the Control Centre, and samples or previews of all objects of that type will be listed in the right pane. For example you can click on the "Layer" tab to display the layer information, or on the "Block Browser" tab to display any Block information in the drawing.

Control Panel, Properties Bar & Output Bar

The Output Bar displays information such as the measurements and properties of entities when you measure or query an entity or polygon area. The Output bar may appear automatically when results of an operation need to be presented to the user.

AllyCAD 2010 Conversion Course
Book your AllyCAD 2010 training now to learn all about its new features and become increasingly productive. Some of the functionality covered on this course includes:
  • Customize your Screen layout
  • Create a New Drawing
  • Utilize the Drawing Functions
  • Set Global Settings
  • Create Drawing template Files
  • Utilize Display Commands
  • Employ Object Snaps
  • Use and understand Drawing Planes & View Planes
  • Edit Objects
  • Draw to Actual Size
  • Use Annotation Functions
  • Utilize Advanced Drawing Functions
  • Create and Plot Sheetfiles
  • Print
The AllyCAD course length differs accordingly to your experience with the program. AllyCAD version 3 users can complete the course in a day or two. 4 Days is required for new users. To book your training please contact

CAD Humour

Forum Focus
AllyCAD clients can access the AllyCAD support forum which allows interaction with other users and also provides discussion with the software developers. Access the forum here

I have a base drawing with mostly pipelines drawn in. The drawing was used by 3 different members to draw/update the items they have captured in the field and each pipe given a unique number. Now I have combined the three layers from each user into a single drawing. I was hoping that by putting all the data in one layer I would be able to purge all the duplicate pipe lines out, but unfortunately not. What would be the best way to solve this manually? Preferably I would like to maintain the line settings from the separate layers but this is not essential.

Without actually seeing the drawing the general answer would be that there is no easy way out. In order to purge duplicate lines they must be exactly duplicate. If, for example, the end points of lines are not exactly equal then they are not considered equal. The same applies to pen, linetype and width.

Many of the lines are exactly the same as they were exported from the original drawing. I will create a new layer in which I will copy all the lines and text. From there I will make sure all lines and text have the same attributes before I purge. I will keep the other layers in case we would like to see them and check who created that section of the reticulation drawing.

To help you get moving with the benefits of AllyCAD 2010 we release regular Tech Tips. View the latest tutorial below.

Tech Tip

This Tech Tip explains how to insert an external reference drawing (xref). View this Tech Tip


A330-200 Livery drawing

For all his livery designs, Pretorius uses AllyCAD, the industrial strength CAD software package developed and supplied by Knowledge Base. He was first introduced to its draughting capabilities... Read more

Impala Platinum Mines Refinery Pond

Viren has used AllyCAD, the 2D/3D CAD package on the design and feasibility studies for water and sewer pump stations, earth dam embankments and bulk water pipelines throughout his eleven-year engineering career. Read more


Every single pile position was set out with co-ordinates using AllyCAD. Over 3 000 drawings were completed with approximately 5 000 co-ordinates in the package developed and supplied by Knowledge Base. Read more


- Release 5 patch file (15/07/2010)
- Release 5 patch file (15/07/2010)
- (19/12/2009)


Industrial strength and user-friendly CAD package
Design in either 2D or 3D
Specialised Toolkits that greatly enhance your productivity
Control Centre access to symbols, hatching, text, dimension & line styles
Handles Multiple Backdrop Displays of Huge Sizes
Lightning fast redraws with extremely large data sets
Customizable interface
Work, Cut and Paste between Multiple Drawings
Fully compatibility with DWG and Other Industry Formats
Unbeatable Support from our Support Centre
Accredited Training with CDP points
And so Much More…


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