AllyCAD 8.3 is now available

Building on the strengths of the previous version and maintaining the user-friendly draughting techniques that our engineering and surveying clients appreciate the most, AllyCAD 8.3 also includes a range of powerful new features.

If your software support and maintenance subscription for the AllyCAD Innovate, SME or Professional version is up to date, you can go right ahead and download the latest version here.

import PDF function

The Import PDF function in version 8.3 allows structured elements of a pdf document to be imported as CAD and bitmap entities.

Some of the new features include:
  • In the SG toolkit it is now possible to edit the data list prior to drawing.
  • Connection/servitude/indicatory data can be added to the SG Diagram data table before drawing.
  • Select Same feature has been introduced.
  • Jump to the centroid of any polygon.
  • A portion of an image can now be exported as a new georeferenced image.
  • Polar Drop function has been added.
  • The Polar Repeat interface allows polar repeat increments using 2 points.
  • Custom properties can now be added to the IFC Export.
  • New materials and texturing options have been added.
  • Enhancements to Reality Mesh data loading.
  • Improved Layer Visibility and Layer settings dialog.
  • Import PDF functionality has been included.
  • Print settings can be saved per drawing.
  • When pasting CAD entities, current clipboard entities are included in the selection display.

AllyCAD Student Version

AllyCAD 8.2 Student Version The latest AllyCAD Student Version is now available!

You can download and get started with the non-commercial version of the software straight away. Download AllyCAD Student Version here

The AllyCAD Advantage

AllyCAD is preferred by engineers, surveyors, contractors, architects, manufacturers and hobbyists worldwide who benefit from the software's powerful and time saving features including:

Ease of use and dedicated support
The software has earned the reputation of being one of the most user-friendly CAD packages on the market. It allows you to achieve the design you want quickly and efficiently. In addition, our team of technical support experts are available should you need assistance.

Full DWG and industry compatibility
Work with DWG files easily and with no loss of data. XRefs, drawing space and layouts, multiple viewports and various line, text, dimension and table styles are included. AllyCAD can also read DGN, CEX, UCX, DRG and SHP files.

Google Earth compatibility
Google Earth snapshots can be captured, geo-referenced and imported into the correct position on a survey drawing. You can also extract grid elevations of your project and export project CAD lines from visible layer(s) back to Google Earth as a KML file.

Image Handling ability and speed
AllyCAD is known for its efficient handling of large bitmaps such as multiple aerial survey images for project backgrounds. The program can load and draw image tiles from ECW or MrSID files as required.

Hatch Perimeter Tracking
Hatches and solid fills are easy with auto perimeter tracking. The functionality includes island detection and multiple perimeters and patterns can be adjusted to line up with a hatch boundary.

Sheetfile Editor for production drawings
The sheetfile functionality allows you to generate production drawings with detailed title blocks, north signs, grids, scale bars and key plans so that your plotting requires minimal, if any, CAD editing.

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Stay Up To Date
AllyCAD is continually enhanced and updated in response to industry requirements, client feedback and requests. If your license is up to date you can install version 8.3 straight away. If you are using AllyCAD 8.2 then you should be using Build 5.

  • AllyCAD 8.2 Build 5 (2019/08/08)
  • Sentinel driver update (2018/07)

  • Contact us if you are using an old version of AllyCAD and would like a quotation in order to bring your software and support subscription up to date.

    Time-Saving Toolkits
    Ships with SABS 0400-1990 building standards for speedy design of building

    Allows speedy drawing of building grids and structural steel sections.

    Provides fast and effective drawing of common mechanical components.

    Allows easy generation of Survey General Diagrams and General Plans.

    AllyCAD Training
    AllyCAD training provides you with the opportunity to improve your draughting skills and as well as familiarise yourself with the latest features.

    AllyCAD courses are SAICE CPD accredited and conducted by qualified industry experts who will give you confidence in using the software. Contact us to discuss your training requirements.

    HOME for Hobbyists
    Download and start designing straight away with AllyCAD HOME. It gives you the CAD functionality of the Professional version, limited only in its maximum drawing size.

    Get started on your project.

    This version is ideal for small designs and it's easy to upgrade at a later stage if required.