AllyCAD 8.2 is now available

If your software support and maintenance subscription for the AllyCAD Innovate, SME or Professional version is up to date, you can go right ahead and download the latest version here.

Note - this download does not apply to AllyCAD HOME clients.

AllyCAD 8.2 includes new features and enhancements that have been developed in response to client requests as summarised below. Email if you need to bring your license up to date and download this latest version.
  • Selection cycling: if multiple entities are exactly on top of each other, then a click point selection allows you to cycle through all the possible entities that are selectable at that point
  • Reality mesh importing and rendering
  • Spell checker implemented
  • Added "Fix Drawing" function (in Purge dialog), which removes bad geometry (zero-length lines/arcs, empty text entities, empty polylines, empty hatches) and fixes bad layer/block/style names
  • Implemented optional online help
  • Added 'Drawing Statistics' function (displays info about the composition of the drawing)
  • Implement Touch Screen Gestures (Pan, Rotate, Zoom) for use on tablets
Enhancements: It is now possible to delete all (or a selection of) the layouts in a drawing as demonstrated in this video:

DGN Import functionality now allows you to load 'mesh' objects. Once a DGN file containing 3D mesh objects is imported the 3D mesh can be viewed in Render View as demonstrated here:

Add new AllyCAD entity SubDivision Mesh for DWG compatibility and to support textured meshes properly

  • Locate Text: Add option to select the matching text
  • DGN Import: Load 'mesh' objects
  • Angle snap option in drawing diametric dimensions, alternative to indicating graphically
  • Layer settings enhancements:
    1. Keep a list of recently used layers for the user to quick-reference
    2. Auto-scroll to the last "view" of the layers dialog, when opening layers dialog
    3. Selection of multiple layers and then set the colour for all the selected layers.
    4. Added ability to Insert a layer at any position in the layer list
    5. Added 'Recent Layers' filter
    6. Create layer groups for Xrefs, as well as a 'All non-XRef Layers' filter
  • Dynamic fly-through
  • 3D model import now also imports textures
  • LWPolyline to 3D Polyline: Update to handle LWpoly bulges

  • If you need to bring your Support Subscription up to date so that you can get started with AllyCAD 8.2 or if you would like to make a purchase enquiry, contact us so that we can assist you further.

    We look forward to sharing more news and software information with you in our next newsletter. For any feedback, enquiries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    Stay Up To Date
    If your license is up to date and you've not already received the latest 8.2 version, please be sure to contact us. AllyCAD is continually enhanced and updated in response to industry requirements, client feedback and requests. For this reason it makes sense to keep up to date and install the latest version as well as keeping up to date with updates that are released throughout the year.

    Previous Updates:
  • AllyCAD 8.1 Build 6 (2018/09)
  • Sentinel driver update (2018/07)*

  • Contact us if you are using an old version of AllyCAD and would like a quotation in order to bring your software and support subscription up to date.

    Consulting Engineers
    AllyCAD has been developed hand in hand with the demands of the consulting engineering profession. If you are a consulting engineer using Civil Designer you will have discovered that it makes sense to use AllyCAD (which is part of the Civil Designer suite of modules) to complete your production drawing.

    AllyCAD 8.0

    No other CAD package has been streamlined to deal with the tasks associated with infrastructure design. Most CAD packages do not support southern hemisphere coordinates, are very expensive to purchase and maintain and do not enjoy the level of back up and support which is provided with AllyCAD.

    Our pricing is geared towards assisting you to update what you need as and when you need it and we do not suddenly hike our prices on the back of forex rates.

    AllyCAD Training
    AllyCAD training provides you with the opportunity to improve your draughting skills and as well as familiarise yourself with the latest features.

    AllyCAD courses are SAICE CPD accredited and conducted by qualified industry experts who will give you confidence in using the software. Contact us to discuss your training requirements.

    HOME for Hobbyists
    Download and start designing straight away with AllyCAD HOME. It gives you the CAD functionality of the Professional version, limited only in its maximum drawing size.

    Get started on your project.

    This version is ideal for small designs and it's easy to upgrade at a later stage if required.