Large Resolution Display

High resolution monitors and laptop displays are becoming more common. Densely packing pixels into a small screen can enhance certain graphics but can also cause problems with applications that are not designed to display on super high resolutions. AllyCAD 8.0 Build 7 now includes better sizing of GUI elements to cater for resolutions up to and including 4K monitors.

Feature Focus - Meshed Solids

AllyCAD allows the fast and easy creation of meshed solids including box, cone, dome, pyramid, sphere and tube solids. To create, for example, a 3D tube you can select Draw Menu > Meshed Solids > Tube. Specify the dimensions (in this case of the inner and outer radius, length and segments) and indicate the position of the tube.

Render Settings

Change the view direction by selecting View Menu > View Direction and render by right clicking and selecting Render View. Adjust the Render settings (right click and select Render Settings) and rotate the view by holding Ctrl and left click.

Feature Focus - Swept Meshed Solids

Taking the Meshed Solid function a step further, it is also quite simple to create a Swept solid. To create a Swept tube (useful for flexible water cooling tubing for example), you can select Draw > Polyline > Lightweight Polyline with the Arc Edge type checked.

Swept Tube

Change the view to SE Isometric and the Drawing plane to Left. Turn on the point snap and draw a circle at the beginning of your polyline. You can now run the Swept function by selecting Draw > Meshed Solids > Surfaces > Swept.

Select the circle and the polyline (you may need to turn off the Point Snap) and the meshed solid will be generated.

Owning AllyCAD Makes Sense

Many CAD packages only allow for rental licensing. Over a 3 year term, AllyCAD Professional costs R867p/m and the INNOVATE version only R153 p/m. Purchasing a new rental lease every year more than doubles your outlay within 3 years.

AllyCAD Advantage

This cost saving is extended further when you consider the network licensing alternatives that we offer. You can give multiple designers access to a single license across your network where simultaneous design is not required.

To upgrade an older version or purchase new AllyCAD licenses, please contact us with your requirements.

Training Improves your Productivity

AllyCAD training provides you with the opportunity to improve your draughting skills and as well as familiarise yourself with the latest features including:
  • Faster 3D rendering and image manipulation
  • New properties bar features
  • Multiline and polyline improvements
  • Explode proxies functionality
  • Different page size availability for SG Diagrams

All our courses are SAICE CPD accredited and conducted by qualified industry experts who will give you confidence in using the software. Contact us to discuss your training requirements.

We look forward to sharing more news and software information with you in our next newsletter. For any feedback, enquiries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Tech Tip
Converting a 2D Block into a 3D Block

Converting a 2D Block to a 3D Block

This tutorial explains how to convert a 2D block (a symbol) into a 3D block.

The example given here uses a 2D Road Stop Sign block which is then converted into a 3D sign on top of a pole. View this tech tip to read more.
Client Testimonial
Laser cut profiles

Carl Spinks of T.Spinks Fabrications in Birmingham, UK creates custom metal fabrications for a range of specialised clients. Carl explains:

"I have been using AllyCAD for many years and it is the best CAD tool for me. The layout and logical design tools are well placed and I find it simple to use for drawing laser cutting profiles.

I've also found the staff to be friendly and eager to help if needed. I also appreciate the help section and there are plenty of easy to follow online tutorials. AllyCAD is one of the few programs that I look forward to using."

Latest Updates
Build 7 (2017/05/09)


HOME for Hobbyists
The AllyCAD HOME version is ideal for the hobbyist or for small venture drawing purposes. It gives you the CAD functionality of the Professional version, limited only in its maximum drawing size (300kb) which is sufficient to complete medium scale designs.

Get started on your project.

You can download and start designing straight away. If more drawing size is required at a later stage, it is very easy to upgrade to our INNOVATE version (600kb) and we will offset the cost of your HOME purchase.