Image Tiling in 8.0

AllyCAD has always been known for its efficient handling of large bitmaps such as multiple aerial survey images for project backgrounds. Extending this strength still further, there is now an option to read image tiles directly from ECW and MrSID satellite photographs.

This means that rather than creating BBF files for an entire aerial survey photograph, AllyCAD can now load and draw the image tiles that are required. This allows very fast image handling of ECW or MrSID files greater than 2GB. If the image file is small (less than 100MB), then disabling this setting (resulting in the generation of a BBF file) may give better re-draw performance.

Entire Western Cape ECW

The image above represents an ECW file of the entire Western Cape at a file size of more than 26 GB. AllyCAD can load and display the image instantaneously.

Faster Selection and Modify functions

We now use a selection display list when selecting, modifying, and updating entities and when using the undo buffer. This results in a smoother and faster experience as the entities do not have to be modified while they are being moved but only when the final point in the modify function is indicated.

Tech Tip - Render View Fly-throughs

fly-through visualisation

If your drawing has 3D elements such as 3D buildings or 3D roads you can present a fly-through visualisation by following a few simple steps.

View this tech tip to read more.

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Client Testimonial
AllyCAD Image handling

Technical draughtsperson Bongi Moima of Kantey & Templer Consulting Engineers explains that "AllyCAD is the best CAD program to produce aerial maps without worrying about the file size.

Images encompassing the entire urban district of Johannesburg can be loaded and manipulated without having to wait."

Latest Updates
Build 5 (2017/02/01)

AllyCAD 8.0 - HOTFIX
Build 5 HOTFIX (2017/02/09)


2017 Training
SAICEAllyCAD training provides you with the opportunity to improve your draughting skills and as well as familiarise yourself with the latest features including:
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  • New properties bar features
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  • Explode proxies functionality
  • Different page size availability for SG Diagrams

All our courses are SAICE CPD accredited and conducted by qualified industry experts who will give you confidence in using the software.
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"The software is quick to learn and i appreciated the improved 3D and render view and the Xref drawing functionality."
Denvor Cloete, Drakenstein Municipality

"I like the broad range of time-saving features such as the Label co-ordinate functions for survey purposes."
Zubair Sulaiman, Drakenstein Municipality

Did you know?
The drop down menus in AllyCAD can be spread out laterally if you prefer. This is useful for laptops with wide format displays.

To adjust this format, select Menu Display in the System settings. In this dialogue you can check the Enable Menu Breaking option and limit the vertical menu items displayed. This adjusts the menu format as below.

Menu Format