AllyCAD 8.1 for release in September

The DX rendering engine that utilises the graphics card for much faster redraws has been enhanced for even faster redraws, improved 3D rendering and view manipulation. In addition, version 8.1 includes:
  • KML Export enhancements for better Google Earth integration. The KML output now includes visible text and the KML output for DTM can consist of surface triangles with actual heights (the DTM uses Civil Designer heights) or surface draping (where the DTM follows Google Earth heights). Previously, only the perimeter was output.
  • Draw entities in depth order as well as layer order.

  • Enhanced anti-aliasing for visually smoother lines, arcs and text.
  • Jogged radial dimensions
  • Jogged radial dimensions have now been included as a new entity type.

  • New Render View Control for intuitive navigation.
  • Jogged Radials
    Render view controls Change the view direction with the Orientation Control.

    'Reset' will reset the view to your initial Render View.

    The 'sun' will enable or disable the lighting.

    The 90 degree left and right will rotate the camera/eye 90 degrees around the target point.

    The '+' button zooms in and the '-' button zooms out

    The 'spirit level' levels the current view so that it is horizontal.
    • It is now possible to convert paragraph text (MText) to Reactive Text (RText) and vice versa and you can edit an RText expression. RText can contain data fields (eg: $DATE) or expressions that are resolved when the text is drawn.
    bath visibility states
  • Added support for Block Visibility States.

  • Block definitions can have multiple 'visibility states' such that one block can contain many graphical representations.

    In this example (left), using a block called 'bath', all entities in the block are visible showing possible size and finish variations.

  • Added support for Image Colour Mask Transparency. This allows you to choose a colour in the image. All pixels in the image with that colour will then become transparent.

  • bath visibility states
  • Auto Spaced Dimensions

  • Auto spaced dimensions allow you to position the dimension lines consistently from dimension points. It is available when drawing Linear dimension (aligned, vertical and horizontal), Arc-length dimension (by arc or by 3 points) and 3-Point angular dimensions.

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    Feature Focus - Revolved Surface

    AllyCAD is able to create 3D mesh surfaces from a profile path. Using this function to draw a simple wine glass can be achieved by drawing its profile in front view using a polyline as shown. Then select Draw > Meshed Solids > Surfaces > Revolved from the main menu in order to generate the 3D object. Use the Render View to manipulate the view. In this example the Render Mode (in View Settings) is set to Smooth Shaded to enhance the glass finish.

    Feature Focus - Extruded Surface

    The Extruded Surface feature allows you to generate a 3D render of your drawing for visual aid or presentation purposes in a simple step. The extruded concrete hollow beam and concrete T beam with reinforcement below can be generated from a simple plan drawing by selecting Draw - Meshed Solids - Surfaces - Extruded. Then right click and select Render View to manipulate the view.

    Owning AllyCAD makes sense

    Many CAD packages only allow for rental licensing. Over a 3 year term, AllyCAD Professional costs R867p/m and the INNOVATE version only R83 p/m. Purchasing a new rental lease every year more than doubles your outlay within 3 years.

    AllyCAD Cost Advantage

    This cost saving is extended further when you consider the network licensing alternatives that we offer. Multiple designers can access a single license across your network where simultaneous design is not required.

    To upgrade an older version or purchase new AllyCAD licenses, please contact us with your requirements.

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    Tech Tip

    In addition to the A4 drawing template, AllyCAD allows SG diagrams to be generated for A0, A1, A2, A3 and on double A4 page sizes. This Tech Tip explains how to implement the SG diagram page size and scale aspects available in the Survey Toolkit.

    SG diagrams

    View the full tech tip here.

    Client Testimonial
    Tasked with improving plant production and draining water-logged agricultural land, Land Care technician Darryl Juta used AllyCAD to design the sub-surface drainage plan below. Also shown here (click to enlarge) is the terrain plan with orthophoto, illustrating the area of the farm and the camp sizes.

    drainage plan

    "AllyCAD and Civil Designer have assisted me in the past four years me to successfully develop longitudinal, cross sections and digital terrain models. The programs are user friendly, the helpdesk is responsive and I would recommend this software to anyone who deals with infrastructure design." Darryl Juta, Department of Agriculture, Western Cape Government

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    HOME for Hobbyists
    The AllyCAD HOME version is ideal for the hobbyist or for small venture drawing purposes. It gives you the CAD functionality of the Professional version, limited only in its maximum drawing size (300kb) which is sufficient to complete medium scale designs.

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