AllyCAD 8.0 now available

Following stringent beta testing, AllyCAD 8.0 is now available. The program delivers further enhancements to its core strengths of intuitive design features, industry wide compatibility, fast image handling and final drawing production tools.

The latest version is also a much faster CAD which adds significant improvements to the rendering speed of texts, lines, shaded faces, images and also to the 3D render view performance itself. More details of the new functionality can be found here:

If you subscription is up to date, you can go right ahead and download AllyCAD 8.0. If your subscription is not up to date do make sure to contact us.

Feature Focus - Converting Proxy Entities

Converting Proxy Entities

In the latest version of AllyCAD, it is possible explode a proxy entity (which is a substitute for a custom entity created by an add-on application that is not available to AllyCAD) into simple CAD entities such as lines, arcs and polylines.

Client Testimonial

Dynamic Consulting Engineers

Dynamic Consulting Engineers handle a wide spectrum of building projects including residential houses, industrial warehouses, multi-storey buildings, shopping centres, parking garages, stadiums as well as any institutional buildings such as schools and libraries.

Senior draughtsman Rynold Jansen explains that AllyCAD's intuitive functions assist with the turnaround time and speed of the necessary design work.

Version 8.0 Training

The new features and functionality introduced in the latest version will accelerate your productivity and give you very real advantages as you face demanding design projects. Our AllyCAD training courses provide you with the opportunity to get up to speed with the latest release.

If you would like to book CPD accredited training in any of the Civil Designer modules, please click through to our training schedules or contact us for more details.

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Consulting Engineers
AllyCAD has been developed hand in hand with the demands of the consulting engineering profession. If you are a consulting engineer using Civil Designer you will have discovered that it makes sense to use AllyCAD (which is part of the Civil Designer suite of modules) to complete your production drawing.

AllyCAD 8.0

No other CAD package has been streamlined to deal with the tasks associated with infrastructure design. Most CAD packages do not support southern hemisphere coordinates, are very expensive to purchase and maintain and do not enjoy the level of back up and support which is provided with AllyCAD.

Our pricing is geared towards assisting you to update what you need as and when you need it and we do not suddenly hike our prices on the back of forex rates.

Upgrade AllyCAD HOME
If you own a copy of AllyCAD HOME edition and you could do with some extra drawing size to handle bigger projects, you will be interested to know that we can assist you upgrade to the next level. Contact us if you would like to offset the cost of your HOME edition against a new purchase of the latest AllyCAD INNOVATE.

Note that you can review the service offering and drawing size capacity of each AllyCAD version and purchase new copies online from our purchase page.