AllyCAD 8.0 - available in June

AllyCAD has always been known for its intuitive design features, industry wide compatibility, fast image handling and final drawing production tools. AllyCAD 8.0 builds on these strengths but it is also a faster CAD which adds significant enhancements to the rendering speed of texts, lines, shaded faces, images and also to the 3D render view performance itself.

AllyCAD 8

The following functionality will also be available to you when you upgrade to the latest version.
  • New DX rendering engine for improved 3D rendering and image manipulation.
  • New properties bar which remembers the collapsed state of the categories.
  • New 'super' toolbar interface making all relevant tools immediately accessible.
  • Tabbed drawings (see image above).
  • Smooth double-buffered rubber banding.
  • Multiline attribute entity.
  • Selections used by the Modify functions are significantly faster.
  • Multilines now allow the adding and removing of vertices.
  • Redundant vertices can be removed from polylines.
  • Spline edit functions include adding and removing spline vertices.
  • Explode proxies functionality has been added.
  • Different page size are now available for SG Diagrams in the Survey Toolkit

AllyCAD 8.0 delivers a significant step of progress and we look forward to releasing it to you. If your subscription is not up to date do make sure to contact us.

Feature Focus - Sheet Sizes For SG Diagrams

SG diagram A4 Double

Generating SG Diagrams in the Survey Toolkit has been enhanced in version 8.0 with the addition of new template drawings and corresponding setup files for different page sizes. In addition to the long standing A4 template, diagrams can now also be generated on A0, A1, A2, A3 and on double A4 sheets. The setup files and drawing files are located in their usual place:
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Knowledge Base Software\SGFiles\

The setup file for the desired page size is loaded into the Setup dialog under the Survey Toolkit menu. The setup file references the appropriate drawing file. Then trace the diagram figure as usual. The diagram then gets generated at the chosen page size, and at a scale of the original drawing.

Client Testimonial - Expropriation Diagrams

Baden Powell Drive

EFG Engineers have just completed the construction of Baden Powell Drive, between Annandale Road and Vlaeberg Road and the Lynedoch Access Road in Stellenbosch. The expropriation diagrams for this project were all drawn in AllyCAD.

CAD operator Yvette Delaney explains "I have used AllyCAD since 1996 and I have seen the program improve year by year. It is fast, user-friendly, fully compatible with other programs and certainly makes my life easier. I particularly appreciated the use of viewports allowing me to create a layout for each diagram from a single drawing. Previously, completing the expropriation diagrams for a project like this might have required more than 30 drawings." Yvette Delaney, CAD operator, EFG Engineers.

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Tech Tip

How to pick settings

This tech tip explains how to pick settings (pen, layer, linestyle, lineweight, transparency) from an entity in the drawing, and then apply those settings to a selection of entities.

Read this tech tip here.

Receive version 8.0
Make sure your subscription is up to date so that you will receive the latest version of AllyCAD. We will issue AllyCAD 8.0 to you as soon as it is released in May.

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Latest Updates
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Build 4 (2016/02/17)


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