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AllyCAD 2015 AllyCAD's application in large scale projects and our close relationship with our clients has ensured that we have maintained a very high standard of ongoing development. AllyCAD 2015 is receiving positive feedback and again upholds its position as a superior CAD package which combines easy draughting and final drawing production, industry wide drawing file compatibility and fast, efficient image handling.

If your subscription is up to date you can get cracking and download AllyCAD 2015 directly: Download AllyCAD 2015 here >>

Note that you can authorise this version on your existing usb dongle. If you want to take advantage of the new Safenet Sentinel system at R399 per seat (which gives you full control over your company's license allocation) please contact

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New in the 2015 Version
  • Splines may now be edited by adding, inserting or deleting fit points using the right-click context sensitive menu.
  • Layers may now be grouped and selected using layer filters. This makes working with multiple layers more convenient, especially for drawings with a large number of layers.
  • You may now use the "*" and "?" wildcard codes for locating text. In addition you have the option to either select all the found text items or to zoom in to consecutive text entities that satisfy the search criteria.
  • Exploding an attribute converts the attribute text to a single or multi-line text entity.
  • Pan a layout viewport and 'step into model space' from the viewport directly.
  • Arcs and circles are now exported to Google Earth KML format as well as lines and polylines.
  • Pattern origin on hatch tool bar. This new feature means that hatch patterns can now be adjusted to line up with your hatch boundary. A bricks pattern, for example, can be aligned with a wall elevation.
  • The Visual Snap indicator is significantly faster to work more effectively on large drawings.
  • The Snip function no longer explodes lightweight and 3D polylines or arrows.
  • Diametric dimension arrows can now be drawn on the inside or the outside of the arc/circle depending on where the dimension text is placed.

Project Showcase

Missionvale Section 4

Engineering Advice and Services were appointed to undertake the Design and Implementation of Civil Infrastructure services for 950 Low Cost Housing units in Missionvale Section 4 & 5 in Port Elizabeth. Civil Engineer Siyabonga Bana explains:

"We used AllyCAD and Civil Designer to complete detailed designs of water reticulation, sewer reticulation, roads, stormwater reticulation, attenuation ponds' sizing and bulk earthworks for the township development. The most challenging part of the project was designing sewer, roads and stormwater services on an already developed area with relatively flat terrain.

The project is currently in the construction stage and is scheduled to be completed in four months time."

Siyabonga Bana, Civil Engineer, Engineering Advice & Services (Pty) Ltd.

2015 Training - Equip Yourself

SAICE CPDProficiency with AllyCAD and familiarity with the latest features and functionality allows you to to tackle your design projects efficiently and effectively. The AllyCAD accredited courses provide the grounding you need to optimise your work and meet the deadlines you face.

  • 4 Day Course
  • 4 CPD Points
  • Advanced
  • 2 Day Course
  • 2 CPD Points
  • Toolkits
  • 1 Day Course
  • 1 CPD Point
  • 3D Course
  • 3 Day Course
  • 3 CPD Point

  • If you would like to book CPD accredited training in any of the above courses, please click through to our training schedule or Contact us for more details.

    AllyCAD Video Tutorials

    We have provided a range of introductory video tutorials to get you started with AllyCAD. The first in the series is embedded below. If you are fairly new to the program have a look at the full list of tutorials which are viewable on our website here:

    We look forward to sharing more news, information and software tips with you in our next newsletter. For any feedback, enquiries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    New Tech Tip
    Framing and Deframing
    This Tech Tip explains how to Frame and De-frame images, OLE Objects and Xrefs.


    Read the tech tip here.

    Sentinel SL Security
    Licenses can now be authorised via Sentinel SL security which means that in addition to hardware (USB dongle) based license protection, you can protect and control the distribution of your company licenses via a soft-key system.

    The software-based licensing system simplifies activation and gives you more control and flexibility over the allocation of you company licenses.

    AllyCAD HOME
    If you are already enjoying AllyCAD's intuitive and time saving design tools you may want to purchase a HOME version to use for your home projects. AllyCAD HOME is nominally priced and can be downloaded here.

    If you own a copy of AllyCAD HOME and now require more drawing size capability, we would be glad to offset the price of the HOME license that you have when you purchase AllyCAD INNOVATE. Please Contact us for more details.

    Latest Version
    Civil Designer 2015 NEW RELEASE
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    Latest Updates
    AllyCAD 2014 - LATEST BUILD
    Build 7 (2015/07/24)
    Build 7 (2015/07/24)

    Future Version Requests
    We want to hear from you about AllyCAD and invite you to add your feedback, along with any 'wish-list' features that you would like to see included in future versions of the software. Shape the next version of AllyCAD, add your requests here.