2015 Feature Focus - Hatch Pattern Origins

In AllyCAD 2015, each hatch can have its own 'Hatch Pattern Origin' which serves as a 'hook point' for the hatch pattern relative to the hatch boundary.

Hatch Pattern Origin

Previously, the pattern origin was fixed at the drawing origin point (0,0). This new feature means that Hatch patterns can now be adjusted to line up with your hatch boundary. A bricks pattern, for example, can be aligned with a wall elevation. Another advantage is that complex patterns which disintegrate if too far from the drawing origin can be adjusted by specifying a pattern origin closer to a hatch boundary.

The Hatch Pattern Origin functionality can be applied to the 217 predefined hatch patterns or user-defined patterns.

The Amy Searle Canal Project

The Amy Searle Canal Project involved formalising an existing stream into a gabion canal. Royal HaskoningDHV (Pty) Ltd made use of AllyCAD and Civil Designer to design the alignment and generate the earthworks volumes.

Amy Searle Canal Project

Design technician Sunelle Doll explains that the AllyCAD's 'Export to KML file' function was used to export project CAD lines to Google Earth. AllyCAD was also used to position the canal over an imported Google Earth backdrop image and to draw further details.

AllyCAD serves as the CAD component for Civil Designer which was then used to create different layers from the DTM and tie the canal into the existing roads next to the canal.

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The Circle Functions
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New Tech Tip
This tech tip explains the different options for defining hatch boundaries using circles, rectangles, closed polylines, selected entities, intersections and using the automatic tracking function.

hatch boundaries

Read the tech tip here.

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