AllyCAD - Perfected for the Design Industry

AllyCAD provides advantages that you cannot find in other CAD packages. This is because it has been developed hand in hand with the demands of the consulting engineering profession and the broader design industry. The following strengths have always upheld AllyCAD as a superior CAD software package:


ArcView SHP file AllyCAD offers full DWG interoperability and compatibility with DGN, CEX, UCX, DRG and SHP files and other industry formats. AllyCAD is also compatible with geo-referenced data including LIDAR surveys and can export points, lines and polylines to ArcView SHP file format for GIS systems. The export of CAD lines and polylines to a Google Earth KML file has now been introduced.


Google Earth snapshot Image handling has always been a core strength and continues to be a priority in AllyCAD's on-going development. You can depend on effortless handling of large and multiple aerial photo images for project backgrounds and you can import a Google Earth snapshot into the correct position in a survey drawing. AllyCAD supports JPG, BMP, SID, ECW, PNG & TIF image formats among others.


Sheetfile AllyCAD's Sheetfile system allows the creation of production drawings that require minimal CAD editing. Rather than creating a DWG drawing in Civil Designer and then using a third party package for tender and construction drawing preparation, it makes more sense to use AllyCAD to complete your production drawing.

Have a look at the full list of AllyCAD features and functions here.

AllyCAD has the very real advantage of over 25 years of client application and feedback which has streamlined it to deal with the tasks associated with the engineering and design industry. Alternative CAD software packages are very expensive to purchase and maintain and do not enjoy the level of back up and support which is provided with your AllyCAD purchase.

TURN add-on for AllyCAD

TURNTURN is an add-on which you can purchase for your AllyCAD software. TURN provides dynamic and interactive simulation for low speed turning manoeuvres along a specified tracking path which includes cars, trucks, articulated vehicles, trailers, commercial aircraft and forklifts. Easy track path definition and creation with smallest turning circle calculation.

To purchase TURN for AllyCAD please visit the TURN page on the AllyCAD website.

Upgrade Pricing

Unlike some software providers, we do not let you down once you have purchased AllyCAD and we do not suddenly hike our prices on the back of international trading conditions! You can always upgrade your existing software without paying for a full license, no matter how long ago your Subscription has lapsed. Our pricing is geared towards assisting you to update what you need as and when you need it.

You will never get an email from us announcing that we are about to permanently retire your existing software!

If you are not already up-to-date with your subscription, contact us to find out how we can help you experience the benefits of AllyCAD 2014.

AllyCAD Video Tutorials

Our AllyCAD Video Tutorials help you get off the ground in no time at all with the essential drawing tools. We will continually be adding to the list of video tutorials which are viewable on our website:

Angular Dimensions

View other AllyCAD Video tutorials here:

AllyCAD Training

Knowledge Base training enhances your productivity. It's as simple as that! If you would like to book CPD accredited training, please view the AllyCAD Training Schedule.

If you have already attended AllyCAD proficiency training you will be interested to know that we now offer an AllyCAD Advanced Course and an AllyCAD 3D course.

The Advanced course is a 2 Day Course and offers 2 CPD Points. The 3D course is a 3 Day Course and will qualify for 3 CPD points following the accreditation process which is underway. Email us at to find out more information or to make your booking.

DTI Grant for BEE Companies

The Department of Trade and Industry offers up to 90% off the cost of your software. This is offered to all enterprises that are majority black-owned in South Africa.

The maximum grant amount you can qualify for is R100 000 towards the procurement of AllyCAD and CIVIL DESIGNER.

Additionally you can get a grant for training on the software for up to R15 000 (ex vat) per individual. While the process can take between 2 weeks up to 4 months, depending on numerous factors, we are able to lease the software out to you in that period so you can get immediate access at little cost. To qualify for this incredible opportunity your company will need to meet various requirements.
Please contact me about the DTI grant >>.

We look forward to sharing more news, information and software tips with you in our next monthly newsletter. For any feedback, enquiries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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New Support Ticket Service
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New Tech Tip

How to Trace a Figure for an SG diagram. Click to read more

Feature Focus
Navigation in AllyCAD's 3D Render View (zoom in/out, pan and rotate) has been made very quick and even easier to use in the 2014 version.

3D Navigation
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Client Testimony

AllyCAD in Education

"Our thanks goes to Knowledge base for assisting us with the successful installation of AllyCAD 2014 in our brand new EGD lab at Heathfield High in Cape Town. The enthusiastic learners managed to draw confidently using the programme and delivered the tasked 2D and 3D drawings within two weeks.

There is plenty resource material and manuals available making the teaching of CAD very easy and I personally experienced an excellent support team and facilitators who were ready to assist at the Cape Town and Durban offices. Thanks for your continued support."

Shalim Dunn
Engineering Graphics and Design educator

AllyCAD has made an exceptional difference in the manner in which we are able to draw and design. The features make drawing much easier and helped us to develop a stronger passion for Engineering Graphics and Design. We highly recommend AllyCAD.

Kimberleigh Williams and Che Manuel
Engineering Graphics and Design learners Grade 11

AllyCAD 2014 (Build 2)
Make sure you are using the latest version of AllyCAD 2014. You can download the Build 2 Update here:

- Build 2 (2014/09/02)
- Build 2 (2014/09/02)
V2011-2014 HASP DRIVER UPDATE - (2014/08)
32-bit Version now Available
Due to demand, we have gone the extra mile and catered for clients with older computers and 32-bit operating systems.

So now you've got no excuse - if you're not already using the 2014 version, download it here and get cracking!: AllyCAD 2014 Download